Ensemble Designs BENXT-450

Compact Router for 3G, HD, and SD SDI and HDMI Video with H.264 Encoder/Decoder and Up/Down/Cross Conversion

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The Ensemble Designs BrightEye NXT 450 Compact Router with professional MPEG contribution Encoder/Decoder integrates a powerful set of features alongside a built-in high quality...
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The Ensemble Designs BrightEye NXT 450 Compact Router with professional MPEG contribution Encoder/Decoder integrates a powerful set of features alongside a built-in high quality, high profile MPEG Encoder/Decoder. Now it’s possible for users to hook up SDI, HDMI, or Fiber baseband, and MPEG, or DVB-ASI encoded signals without worrying about timing issues, convert them to a common standard definition or high definition format as simply as selecting a source and pushing the TAKE button, intercut or dissolve them seamlessly to a very high quality MPEG encoder for realtime streaming, while simultaneously sending them to SDI or HDMI destinations. All this in a device the size of a paperback novel.

The BrightEye NXT 450’s new encoding functionality produces simultaneous transport streams including one high-resolution and one low-resolution unicast stream, one multicast stream, and a DVB-ASI stream. Sources can be seamlessly routed to the encoder that outputs the various streams to an RJ-45 Ethernet connector on the back of the unit. The DVB-ASI formatter produces a DVB-ASI format stream that can be sent to a BNC or Fiber port for distribution.

The BrightEye NXT 450 also includes an MPEG decoder. Gigabit Ethernet can be received via the RJ-45 connector as either unicast or multicast, MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 decoded to 3G, HD, SD SDI with embedded audio, and can be mixed or intercut with other sources connected to the router. Decoded and encoded video can be seen in realtime and full motion on the LCD display on the front of the unit. The full duplex codec allows simultaneous use of the encoder and decoder.

Convert While You Route With Dual Up/Down/Cross Converters
The new BrightEye NXT 450 allows format conversion to take place while routing signals to destinations. Now, various formats of high definition and standard definition content can be converted to a common format and routed seamlessly to destinations. Standard definition sources can be up converted to high definition as part of the routing process, as well as cross converting from one HD format to another. All you have to do is select a SMPTE standard for a particular destination, and all sources routed to that destination will be converted to that format automatically. Imagine dissolving cleanly between a standard definition source and a 720p source with a 1080i output all at the touch of the TAKE button.

Instantaneous Clean Switching and Mixing
The new BrightEye NXT 450 Compact Router with U/D/C conversion and Clean and Quiet Switching cleanly and instantly switches or dissolves your sources. The output switches instantaneously, never a glitch or pop. Feed the NXT 450 with cameras and other sources and take the output to air or to production equipment. The built-in frame synchronizer provides two clean-switched outputs. Great for fly packs, ENG trucks and aircraft, or anywhere you need a small router, this new BrightEye has incredible power in a small 1RU high by 1/3 RU wide footprint. The exclusive front panel LCD displays realtime full motion video of your router sources.

Features You Can Use
With format conversion, the NXT 450 makes it easy to integrate and cleanly switch signals from all types of equipment, regardless of the video format. The H.264 encoder allows live unicast, multicast and streaming to take place while simultaneously clean switching incoming MPEG decoded video with SDI, Fiber and HDMI sources. Direct Take allows instant switching or dissolving of sources – a necessary feature in a live environment. Router Salvos allow multiple destinations to be routed at the touch of a single button. Audio Breakaway lets you have a single audio source in the embedded output while live switching video sources – such as a reporter in a helicopter or news vehicle. Input-by-input audio adjustment of all sixteen audio channels and audio channel reassignment provide unparalleled control of your program audio. The SFP (small format pluggable) cages can be populated with dual SFPs that have fiber optic or other connectors, allowing you to determine the best connector for your installation. Adding SFPs gives you true flexibility in combining electrical BNC, HDMI and fiber optic inputs and outputs. Built-in test signal generators allows black and bars to be routed without burning valuable inputs. The built-in Web Server allows full control of the routing and setup functions from virtually anywhere with any browser-enabled device such as iPads, iPhones, or Android devices. The LCD display shows full motion video of your sources, audio meters, and the source currently routed to a destination. Route or switch with full confidence. Fully Genlockable and Timable.

Full Control From The Front Panel
The BrightEye NXT 450 allows full set-up and control from the front panel of the unit. That means all encoding and decoding settings, router configuration, U/D/X conversion format, Clean Switch assignment – the works. There is no need for external computer control. Of course, if you’d like to use your computer, the built in web server provides the same kind of set-up and control functionality from virtually anywhere with any web browser enabled device.

Control From Third Party Devices
BrightEye NXTs can be controlled from third party devices using serial protocols via TCP/IP, RS-232 and SNMP. If RS-232 control is desired, please specify at time of purchase and your unit will come with the connector cable pre-installed. Field installation after the fact is not supported.

Ensemble Designs BrightEye NXT 450 Features:

  • Router for 3G, HD and SD SDI and HDMI Video
  • Exceptional built in High Quality, High Profile MPEGEncoder/Decoder
  • Advanced H.264 Coding Techniques Give SuperbPerformance at Low
  • Bit Rates
  • Built in Dual Up/Down/Cross Converters
  • Dissolve and Cut Transitions
  • Direct Take Mode
  • Salvo Registers – Save/Recall From Your Tablet andComputer
  • System Wide Configuration Registers
  • Flexible I/O – You Configure BNCs and SFPs as Inputsor Outputs
  • Clean Switching of Video and Embedded Audio
  • Audio Level Adjustments
  • RS-232 and TCP/IP Interfaces – Use With Any 3rd PartyDevice
  • Front Panel and Web-Based Control
  • LCD Display With Realtime Full Motion Video of YourSources
  • Safe Driving Mode
  • Built-in Test Signal Generators
  • Compact and Rugged
  • Genlockable and Timeable
  • 5-Year Warranty and Free Software Upgrades Forever

Ensemble Designs BrightEye NXT 450 Specifications:

  • Serial Digital Input:
    • Number:  Two to Nine, configurable, BNC and SFP
    • Signal Type:  270 Mb/s SD SDI, SMPTE 259M 1.485 Gb/s HD SDI,SMPTE 274M, 292M, 296M 2.97 Gb/s HD SDI, SMPTE 424M, 425M
    • Impedance:  75 Ohms
    • Return Loss:  >15dB
    • Max Cable Length:  300 meters for 270 Mb/s 100 meters for 1.485 Gb/s
    • Automatic Input Cable Equalization
  • Reference Input:
    • Number:  One
    • Type:  1 V P-P Composite Video, PAL or NTSC or Tri-Level Sync
    • Impedance:  75 Ohms
    • Return Loss:  >40dB
  • Serial Digital Output:
    • Number:  Two to Nine, configurable, BNC and SFP
    • Type:  270 Mb/s SD SDI, SMPTE 259M 1.485 Gb/s HD SDI,SMPTE 274M, 292M, 296M 2.97 Gb/s HD SDI, SMPTE 424M, 425M
    • Processing:  12 and 16 bit
    • Impedance:  75 Ohms
    • Return Loss:  >15dB
    • Max Cable Length:  100 meters for HD 300 meters for SD (Belden 1694A)
  • HDMI Input:
    • Number:  Two possible via SFP
  • HDMI Output:
    • Number:  Two possible via SFP
  • Fiber Input
    • Number:  Four possible via SFP
  • Fiber Output
    • Number:  Four possible via SFP; SFPs let you add your favorite connectors to the router including fiber optic, HDMI and HD-BNC
  • Standards Supported:
    • 1080i 50, 59.94 or 60 Hz, SMPTE 274M -4,5,6
    • 720p 50, 59.94 or 60 Hz, SMPTE 296M -1,2,3
    • 1080p 23.98, 24 or 25 Hz, SMPTE 274M -9,10,11
    • 1080p 50, 59.94, 60 Hz, SMPTE 424M, 425M, Level A
    • 1080sF 23.98, 24 or 25 Hz, RP211 -14,15,16
    • 625i 50
    • 525i 59.94
  • Encoder:
    • Dual Rate – MPEG-4 Part 10 h.264 (ISO/IEC 14496/10)
    • Hi-Res – Encoding format matches input source
    • Lo-Res – Encoding format 640×360P
    • Bit Rate – Adjustable from 1 to 20 Mb/s
  • Profile:
    • Hi-Res —Main and High
    • Lo-Res —Baseline, Main and High
  • Level:
    • Hi Res — 3, 3.1, 3.2, 4, 4.1, 4.2
    • Lo-Res — 1.2, 1.3, 2, 2.1, 2.2, 3, 3.1, 3.2, 4, 4.1, 4.2
  • Audio:
    • 2 channels MP3 and AAC Encoding
    • Bit Rate – 32 to 384 Kb/s
    • Downmixing – up to 16 incoming channels to stereo pair – user selectable
  • Streaming Outputs:
    • 2 independent unicast streams – selectable Hi-Res or Lo-Res encoding
    • 1 multicast stream – selectable Hi-Res or Lo-Res encoding
    • DVB-ASI stream – selectable Hi-Res or Lo-Res routable to any output connector
    • All four streaming outputs operate simultaneously
  • Decoder:
    • Decode from unicast, multicast or DVB-ASI
    • MPEG-4 part 10 h.264 (ISO/IEC 14496/10)
    • MPEG-2 (ISO/IEC 13818-2)
  • Decoder Baseband Output:
    • Resolution – user selectable – HD-SDI
    • Routable to any destination can be sent to cleanswitch for synchronization and glitch-free switching
    • Network Connection:  RJ-45 10/100/GigE
  • General Specifications:
    • Size:  5.63” W x 1.65” H x 6.75” D (143 mm x 42 mm x 172 mm) including connectors and flange
    • Weight:  1 lb 12oz
    • Power:  12 volts, 20 watts (100-230 VAC modular power supply)
    • Temperature Range:  0 to 40° C ambient (all specs met)
    • Relative Humidity:  0 to 95%, non-condensing
    • Altitude:  0 to 10,000 ft.

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