Metric Halo LIO-8

Line-Level Digital Audio Processor/Firewire Interface

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Metric Halo's LIO-8 incorporates the same Metric Halo Audio technologies in the ULN-8 including:

  • 192k sample rate support for both Analog and AES Inputs and Outputs
  • DC-coupled, zero phase distortion, servo-balanced Line Inputs and Outputs
  • Fully-clickless remote-controlled Monitor outputs.  All LIO-8 analog outputs incorporate Metric Halo clickless remote technology allowing for flexible monitoring applications from stereo to 7.1 surround.


As with all Metric Halo products, the LIO-8 features an upgrade path.  Or two.

While the base configuration of the LIO-8 doesn't include microphone preamps, you can opt to have 4 or 8 channels of the same ULN-R microphone preamps as the ULN-8 included in your unit.  The LIO can be ordered this way from the factory, or the pres can be installed later.

You can also choose to upgrade your processing by adding the +DSP license, which adds over 100 plug-ins to your LIO and gives you the ability to create and save complex processing "graphs" as well as access to factory supplied "macros" including processors, amp simulators and more.  You can find out more about +DSP here.  Adding +DSP to your LIO is easy, just put the software license code into MIO Console and your box is unlocked.

At Home in Any Situation

LIO-8 is a great tool for capturing audio wherever inspiration hits, in the studio or on the road.  Well suited to any recording situation, you can record and edit on the road, in the hotel, on the airplane, or wherever inspiration hits.  Use 3 LIO-8s chained together for 24 tracks of live concert recording with processing on all channels in 3 rack spaces.  Location sound engineers can now capture the moment — anywhere, anytime.

When you're done recording, use the LIO-8 in the studio as an extremely high quality audio interface to transfer your tracks into a DAW.  You’ll be amazed at the sound of this box.  And weighing only 6 pounds, and a little larger than a laptop, you can be the first one out of the gig, with no hassle.

The LIO-8's archival grade inputs and outputs, coupled with Metric Halo's exclusive Character processing, provide flexibility and sound quality unavailable on any other interface.  You can transition from a wire-with-gain to a gooey tube pre with one click of the mouse, and every input can have the right character for the material you are recording.

The LIO-8 is the only unit in its class with an on-board processing engine that supports fully instantiable processing, allowing you to use Metric Halo's world-renowned signal processing effects without sacrificing your computer's processing power or introducing any additional latency in your monitor path.  From MIOStrip to HaloVerb, the LIO-8 comes with the 2d plug-in package that provides basic production processing.  If you need more, you can add our +DSP package.  And remember, this one rack space audio interface has the ability to run entirely from any DC power source (16V-30V), making it truly and completely mobile.

Organically Scalable

A unique feature of the Mobile I/O system is that MIO's work well individually or as a group.  Mix and match LIO-8 with ULN-8, 2882 and ULN-2 units to create a system that meets your needs for track counts and number of preamps.  Adding a unit to the system organically increases the DSP power of the system, so that your DSP always scales with your I/O.  Break your system up for small gigs when playing out or add the units of your mates to build a huge system when required.  By standardizing on the Mobile I/O platform, each member of the band can have ultimate quality while working alone, and the band can have huge track counts when playing together.

Stand-alone Operation

Flexible signal routing and sophisticated patch and preset management systems as well as a comprehensive set of front panel controls are also featured in the LIO-8.  The LIO-8's front-panel controls allow the unit to function equally as well as a stand-alone Converter system.  In standalone mode, the LIO-8 operates with the converters directly routed to and from the AES I/O, and the analog domain sends allow splitting or "multing" your analog inputs to other devices.

As a standalone converter, the LIO-8 provides a 24-bit/192 kHz eight channel front-end. It also functions seamlessly as an analog monitor controller, making it ideal as a digital headphone amp and studio monitor controller.


The LIO-8 supports a variety of applications. For studio recording, it provides a very high quality interface to a DAW, offering sound processing or simple file transfer between workstations.  Its exceptional sound quality makes it perfect as any studio's primary analog to digital conversion and monitoring chain.

The LIO-8 is suitable for broadcast applications, too.  It offers instant playback of 8 individual stereo sends for music cues or sound effects, or smaller numbers of surround stems.  The compact package and portable power features mean that the unit can go anywhere users need to work, and make on-site fixes or edit location recordings without the need to send files back to the studio, saving valuable time before air.

In the live performance arena, in addition to operating as a remote recorder for archiving performances or to play out backing tracks and musical cues, the LIO-8 can operate as a soft-synth mixer and I/O interface.

Metric Halo LIO-8 Features:

  • Exceptional, Best–In–World, Archival Grade Converter Quality
  • Flexible, Integrated Analog-Domain Monitor Controller
  • Universal Sample Rate Support
  • Analog, AES and Firewire Interfacing
  • Rock Solid Stability: Mature, Real-World-Tested Firmware, Software and Drivers
  • Instant Access to Tactile Control
  • Fully digital control for total recall, remote control and control surface support
  • Comprehensive Precision Metering — so you always know what is going on
  • Works with or without a Computer
  • Metric Halo's Exclusive Per-channel selectable Character — from ultra-clean to nice and gooey
  • Integrated ultra-low-latency instantiable processing with plenty of DSP power to run it
  • Most Compact, Lowest Weight, Lowest Power and Lowest Price in its Class

Metric Halo LIO-8 Specifications

  • Rails:
    • Analog Rails (low power): ±9.9 Volts
    • Analog Rails (high power): ±12.6 Volts
  • Maximum I/O Levels (Balanced):
    • Peak Line Output @ 0 dBFS (no jumper/low power): +18.5 dBu
    • Peak Line Output @ 0 dBFS (output jumper/low power): +22.0 dBu
    • Peak Line Output @ 0 dBFS (output jumper/high power): +24.5 dBu
    • Analog Send Max Output: +21.5 dBu
    • Line In Max Input: +24.5 dBu
    • Output Impedance: 5 Ohms
  • Monitor Controller:
    • Nominal FS output (Balanced) Output Jumper Off: -19.0 dBu
    • Nominal FS output (Balanced) Output Jumper On: -12.0 dBu
    • Maximum Output: Same as Line
    • Gain Range: -96 dB to +30 dB
    • Gain Precision: ±0.05 dB
    • Gain Step: 0.5 dB
  • Line Input + ADC:
    • Input Impedance: 10 kOhm
    • Dynamic Range (-60 dB, flat 0-22.05 kHz, typ): 115 dB
    • Dynamic Range (-60 dB, A-weighted, typ): 118 dB
    • Noise Floor (flat 0-22.05 kHz, typ): 115 dB
    • Noise Floor (A-weighted, typ): 117.9 dB
    • THD D/A/A/D loop @ -12 dBFS: 0.0005 %
    • THD D/A/A/D loop @ -0 dBFS: 0.0015 %
    • Crosstalk @ 1kHz: -127 dB
    • IMD 1k component (19 kHz/20kHz @ +8dBu): -104 dBu
    • Gain Range: -12 dB to +31.5 dB
    • Gain Precision: ±0.05 dB
    • Gain Step: 0.5 dB
  • Line Input + ADC Frequency Response:
    • +0/-0.1dB @ fs = 44100 Hz: 5.7 Hz - 20.5 kHz
    • +0/-1.0dB @ fs = 44100 Hz: 1.8 Hz - 21.0 kHz
    • +0/-0.1dB @ fs = 96000 Hz: 5.7 Hz - 43.9 kHz
    • +0/-1.0dB @ fs = 96000 Hz: 1.8 Hz - 45.4 kHz
    • +0/-0.1dB @ fs = 192000 Hz: 5.7 Hz - 42.1 kHz
    • +0/-1.0dB @ fs = 192000 Hz: 1.8 Hz - 64.7 kHz
    • 5° low-end in-channel phase deviation point: 10.7 Hz
    • Interchannel phase 0 Hz - 20 kHz: < ±0.05°
    • Crosstalk from SMPTE Input: < -142 dB
  • Input Processing:
    • M/S Decode: Instantiable
    • Parameteric EQ: Instantiable
    • Dynamics: Instantiable
    • Character: Instantiable
    • Reverb: Instantiable
    • Delay: Instantiable
  • Output Processing:
    • M/S Encode: Instantiable
    • Parameteric EQ: Instantiable
    • Dynamics: Instantiable
    • Character: Instantiable
    • Reverb: Instantiable
    • Dither: Instantiable
    • Mix Foldown: Instantiable
  • Front Panel:
    • Indicator LEDs (Bicolor): 495
    • Meters: 16
    • Segments per Meter: 15
    • Channel Encoder Knobs: 8
    • Encoders Have Shaft Push Buttoms: Yes
    • Monitor Controller Encoder Knobs: 1
    • Monitor Controller Mute: Yes
    • Monitor Controller Dim: Yes
    • Indicators Per Encoder: 16
    • Sample Rate Indicators: 6
    • Clock Source Indicators: 4
    • AES Clock Source Indicators: 4
    • AES Lock Indicators: 4
    • AES Input Signal Indicators: 4
    • AES Output Signal Indicators: 4
    • System Lock Indicator: 1
    • Firewire Indicator: 1
    • Front Panel Modes: 14
    • Headphone Output (Dedicated DAC): TRS Stereo
    • DI Inputs (2): TRS Balanced
    • DI Input Impedance: 10 MOhm
    • DI Input Fixed Gain (Jumper Selectable): 0/10/20 dB
    • DI Input Variable Gain: -12 dB to 31.5 dB
    • Power Switch (Jumper Defeatable): Toggle
  • Back Panel:
    • MIDI Connectors (In and Out): 5-Pin DIN
    • SMPTE Connectors (In and Out): Balanced TRS
    • Word Clock Connectors (In and Out): 75 Ohms BNC
    • AES Connector (8 Channels In and Out): DB-25
    • AES Connector Pinout: Tascam/Digidesign Digital
    • Line Input Connector (8 Channels): DB-25
    • Line Input Pinout: Tascam/Digidesign Analog
    • Send Output Connector (8 Channels): DB-25
    • Send Output Pinout: Tascam/Digidesign Analog
    • Line/Monitor Output Connector (8 Channels): DB-25
    • Line/Monitor Output Pinout: Tascam/Digidesign Analog
    • Line/Monitor Mult Output Connectors (Analog 1/2): TRS Balanced
    • FireWire Connectors (2): 1394a 6-Pin
    • Power (Unswitched): 2.1mm Coaxial
    • Power (Switched): 4-Pin XLR
    • Security Slot: Kensignton
  • Software:
    • Driver: CoreAudio Mac OS X
    • Mac OS X: 10.3.9 or newer
    • Architectures: PPC, Intel
    • MIO Console: Included
    • Record Panel: Included
    • LTC Decoder: Included
    • Mixer: Included
    • +DSP License (Optional)
  • Power:
    • Voltage: 14v - 28v
    • Power: 24 Watts
    • FireWire Bus Powerable: No
    • Passes FireWire Bus Power: Yes
    • Supplies FireWire Bus Power: No
    • External Supply (Input): I00-240VAC
    • External Supply (Max Input Current): 1.2 A
    • External Supply (Output): 24 VDC
    • External Supply (Max Output Current): 2.0 A
    • External Supply Connector: 4-Pin XLR
  • Case:
    • Material: Powder Coated Aluminum
    • Fasteners: 3mm Phillips Head
    • Weight: 6 lbs (2.7 kg)
    • Dimensions: 17" x 13" x 1.72" (432 x 330 x 44 mm)
    • Rack Ears (included): Powder Coated Steel
    • Rear Rack Mounts: Available

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