Metric Halo DSP

License for Mobile I/O - Requires 2d Card

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Adding a +DSP license will allow you to take full advantage of the processing power of the DSP in your interface.
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Adding a +DSP license will allow you to take full advantage of the processing power of the DSP in your interface.  The ease of inserting Plug-ins directly into mixer channels with the v.5 Console makes using +DSP a snap.  If your 2d Expanded unit doesn't already include +DSP, you can add a license without any physical changes to your hardware.

NOTE: Use of this license required that you have Metric Halo's 2d Card installed in your device or that you have a "2d Expanded" unit .

The +DSP license includes a variety of additional Plug-ins including Multi-band EQs, Compressor, Limiter, Distortion Processors, and many more.  With the +DSP license, you also gain access to insertable graphs which allow you to build your own "Secret Weapon" processors — wrapped up, phase compensated graphs of Plug-ins that may be re-inserted on demand.

Finally, the +DSP license adds many bonus Plug-in Macros — insertable, pre-configured processors, including Guitar Amp Models, Guitar Processors, Parallel Compressors and Limiters, Mid/Side Mastering processors, Vintage-style reverbs and many more…

System-wide +DSP Licensing

MIO Console v.5 automatically extends the +DSP license on any attached box to all 2d Expanded boxes attached to your system while the boxes are attached.  What this means is that you can use any +DSP Plug-in or macro on any box in your system, as long as at least one +DSP licensed box is attached.  If you need to store +DSP Plug-ins in persistent states or tend to split your boxes into multiple systems, you will need to license each box that needs to use the +DSP license independently.

2d Basic package vs. +DSP

Use the following table to see the differences between the plugins included with the 2d Card and the additional plugins and macros that you get with the +DSP bundle:

Feature 2d Card 2d Card +DSP
Character (22 types) v v
Multibus Mixer v v
Surround Support v v
Monitor Controller v v
MIOStrip v v
M/S Decoder v v
Short Delay v v
Dither v v
HaloVerb v v
TransientController v
MIO EQ 6 v
MIO EQ 12 v
MIO Comp v
MIO Limit v
MIO State Variable Filter v
NC State Variable Filter v
Linkwitz-Riley Band Split Filter v
Delays Family (15 plugins) v
MIO Simple Pitch Shifter v
Allpass filters (2 plugins) v
MIO Soft Clip Family (3 plugins) v
MIO Nonlinear Map Family (4 plugins) v
MIO Volume Control Family (16 plugins) v
MIO A/B Switch Family (16 plugins) v
MIO M/S Processor v
Static Matrix Family (5 plugins) v
Channel op Family (5 plugins) v
Math Family (9 plugins) v
Envelope Family (2 plugins) v
Oscillator Family (6 plugins) v
MIO Mod Delay v
Insertable Graphs (infinite possibilites) v
2d Amps 2d Card 2d Card +DSP
Bass Head v
Bass Head Shape 1 v
Bass Head Shape 2 v
British Mil Spec v
British Mil Spec Bright Cab v
British Mil Spec Grind v
British Mil Spec Light Grind v
British Mil Spec Rhythm v
British Mil Spec+Vibrato+Trem v
MH Clean v
MH Clean Tweed v
MH Hi-Gain v
Small Dark v
Small Dark No Cab v
Small Tweed Crunch v
Small Tweed Touch O' Dirt v
2d Effects 2d Card 2d Card +DSP
Autoflanger v
Autoflanger 2 v
Autoflanger 3 v
Cool Mono Echo v
LoFi Mod Echo v
Mono Rotary v
Slap Delay v
Vibrato+Tremolo v
Stereo Rotary Speaker v
2d Reverbs 2d Card 2d Card +DSP
Diffuse Prime v
Diffuse Room v
Early Diffuse Room (no tail) v
Hall 1 v
LongVerb v
Med Diffuse Room v
ModVerb v
Small Diffuse Room v
2d Mastering 2d Card 2d Card +DSP
Parallel Compressor v
Parallel Limiter v
Mid-Side Compressor v
Mid-Side EQ v
Mid-Side Limit v
Stereo Parallel Limiter v
2d Pedals 2d Card 2d Card +DSP
Nezumi v
Nezumi Less Gain v
Screamer v
Cabinets 2d Card 2d Card +DSP
Closed 2x12 v
Closed 2x12 with Air v
4x12 Cab v

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