"I've recently placed three different orders with Full Compass, for items that varied from a few dollars to several hundred dollars in price. In all my transactions, I found my sales representative to be most helpful and courteous. He's been able to make suggestions, meet aggressive price competition and promise quick delivery. Every promise he's made has been met. It's a pleasure to do business with a company that stands head and shoulders above the crowded sea of vendors who seem to promise the moon and deliver little else. Full Compass has become my primary source for all things electronic, and I'm pleased to recommend FC to everyone who asks."

D.H. with a church in Louisiana


"I just wanted to compliment your company, and the individuals I was in contact with, in particular on the excellent service I received. Both my salesperson and the credit department were excellent at following up with me, getting problems solved, and addressing possible concerns. This was my first order with your company, but it certainly will not be my last based on this great experience."

E.E. in Indiana


"First, thanks for the amazingly quick turnaround on my order. Service like that is why I love working with Full Compass!"

T.H. with a university in Pennsylvania


"I appreciate the quality equipment you folks at Full Compass provide - I cannot duplicate your concern and service anywhere on Long Island! THANK YOU for the great job you all do."

D.F. with a business in New York


"I just want to compliment you and the others I dealt with at Full Compass regarding my keyboard repair. Despite having an inexpensive instrument that had only a dirty switch to clean . . . I felt like I was treated extremely well by all of the folks I encountered there. Although that's what I expected from any business many years ago, it seems increasingly rare these days and was a refreshing change from contemporary "customer service". I will certainly recommend your company highly to others!"

K.B. in Wisconsin


"Just wanted to drop you a line and express my thanks to both of you for all the hard work you put into our latest order. From the initial quotes to processing our credit application, the level of service you provided was fantastic. We will undoubtedly need more gear in the future and I'll definitely return to Full Compass for my audio reinforcement needs."

M.K. with a performing arts center in Wisconsin


"Your customer service is amazing. Those of us small business owners sometimes get left behind by the big guys so it is nice to know that a company of your size still cares about the individuals."

P.P. in Iowa


"My experiences with Full Compass have been nothing but positive. From the helpful customer service reps to the quick shipping, I have been satisfied with everything! I have become sort of a spokesperson for Full Compass, passing my catalog off to a few of my friends and watching them stare in amazement as I tell that Full Compass sometimes charges 43-50% off list price. You guys really know what you are doing, and I recommend that those who are looking for pro audio equipment go nowhere else but Full Compass to make a purchase."

B.T. in Indiana


"This is a letter of commendation for the exemplary service I have received in the past and in particular today from my salesperson. In all my years of working in the field of nursing and for the past many years as executive assistant to an international consulate, I have rarely (if ever) worked with someone who was more knowledgeable, considerate, patient and willing to 'go the extra mile' with me."

J.T. with a business in New Hampshire


"I just wanted to take a moment and let you know that I have been well pleased with my salesperson's help in supplying the equipment I need for my current project. This is my first large project in many years and his help has made the project less stressful knowing that the equipment would be here to support my client's schedule. In an environment where you probably get more complaints than compliments I though it would be good to let you know that I am a pleased customer and will continue to do business with your company as my business grows."

D.H. with a business in Virginia


"I just wanted to write and state that your sales team is great and very helpful. I ordered an item with 2 day shipping and it arrived in my hometown the next day. Of course being antsy and excited to get the item, I wanted to pick it up right away. I called and your sales agent said he would call and try to see if they would change it to a pick up. I don't know if this will even happen, but the fact that he even thought to make the extra effort speaks volumes. Thanks again for a great experience."

J.M. from Missouri


"I really do like doing business with Full Compass. You are quick to get me quotes and fast to send the invoices. Thanks again for your prompt service. I recognize the difference in the quality of service compared to other vendors, and I sincerely thank you."

D.S. with a university in North Dakota


"On many occasions, my salesperson has taken the time to resource information to some of my technical questions regarding operation of newly quoted items I looked to purchase. She has always seemed eager to assist and has been very professional throughout the transaction process. She has personally been a huge help to me, by providing the knowledge that makes me feel totally comfortable with the equipment I have purchased to date. Thanks to Full Compass for being able to continually provide audio equipment at fabulous prices."

M.C. from Illinois


"I work for a Public Defender's office and we have had the opportunity to purchase some equipment from Full Compass as well as having some of our equipment repaired there. We have always been very impressed with the quality and professionalism of your staff."

P.A. with a state government office in Wisconsin


"I recently called Full Compass seeking information on an assisted listening system. I was referred to a sales manager and I was so pleased by the extra level of service he provided. He was an excellent communicator, researched the answer to my questions and then responded in the same day. It was a textbook example of superior customer service."

P.M. with a church in Texas


"Thank you for the amazing packing job of these decks. You packed them like they were worth $5000 a piece. This is just one of the many reasons I have been buying equipment there for almost 20 years."

J.T. with a business in Iowa


"Both my partner and I have been in the entertainment industry for quite awhile but it was not until just recently that we opened our own production house. Obviously finding an equipment vendor is an important task and I just wanted to let you know how happy we are to be dealing with Full Compass. Our salesperson has been just fantastic to deal with. I look forward to working with you in the future."

C.E. with a production house in New York


"Thank you for getting everything pushed through the right channels and getting this equipment to us in enough time for this show! This is some of the first pro gear that the school has purchased for the sound system, and I can't wait to introduce the kids to some really high-quality gear."

J.W. with a school district in Pennsylvania


"I first must say "thank you" for my salesperson's friendly and professional service. He answered my questions quickly, accurately and with no "pushiness." He gave me a fair deal and followed through with timely delivery. During interims between the separate shipments he communicated via e-mail about the status of the order. Those traits will make me a repeat customer of Full Compass."

G.C. from Indiana


"Your execution is flawless and your prices are tops!"

C.S. from Louisiana


"I must reiterate again, I received excellent help from your technical support department and your representative should be commended for his knowledge, patience, friendly personality, and a definite expressed desire to help a customer as much as he possibly can. Thanks for all your help. Full Compass is an outstanding company with outstanding customer support."

A.S. from Texas


"I'm impressed with your personal attention and your company's policy towards customer service. Thanks again."

N.S. from Alabama


"I can't express enough my appreciation to Full Compass for consistently providing outstanding customer service and quality equipment. I am regularly floored with companies that promise one thing, but deliver another. This is not the case with Full Compass. I can always count on my salesperson to return a phone call or do the extra research I don't have time for, or find creative ways to meet my needs – all with a great attitude and follow through. Your prices are competitive and the quality of service compares to none!"

R.H. with a church in Ohio


"I wanted to comment on the service that we have received from our salesperson. He has been very helpful and patient throughout our planning, purchasing and installation of our A/V systems. It was refreshing to get this kind of service and attention to detail from an "internet store"... he continued to answer and research my questions after our purchases were complete... he was as concerned as much then, as at the start of our A/V job. Thanks for a positive experience."

R.T. with a state agency in Indiana


"My salesperson made a customer out of me. She is a real professional. She showed me great respect from start to finish and she was always deeply concerned with meeting my needs technically and financially. Her attention to detail and her depth of follow-up were remarkable. She stayed on top of my order on a daily basis. She knew that time was critical and she made what I thought would be a difficult task look quite routine. I am pleased to say that every item that I ordered arrived on the exact day that she said it would and in perfect condition."

T.C. with a production company in Louisiana


"I represent a small community theatre group and I have used my sales representative as a resource several times and he has always been very helpful and knowledgeable. I wanted to say thanks and look forward to continuing a business relationship with Full Compass."

E.D. with a theatre in Wisconsin


"On behalf of our entire organization we would like to make you aware of the outstanding sales support and service demonstrated by our sales representative. We recently opened a 534-person state of the art HD theatre here. The space is used for celebrity charities, symphony performances, press conferences and political debates. We could not have held these high profile events with this level of success without the prompt and efficient service demonstrated by our rep. No matter what our needs (nor how many times I change my mind), he always makes it happen in a big way. A big thanks to you for creating an atmosphere where the salespeople continuously go above and beyond."

J.M. with a business in California


"I am a long time customer of Full Compass. I recently sent two duplicators to your service department. I am very pleased with the service, but especially the customer interest that the repair technician took with me and my problems. I have always been pleased with Full Compass, but this was way over and above anything I expected."

B.H. with a business in Louisiana


"My rep was very helpful in assisting me along every step of the transaction. The prices he quoted me were extremely competitive, if not lower than most retailers, and shipping was more than reasonable. My items were carefully packed for a safe delivery. Not only that, but the package arrived a day ahead of schedule."

N.S. in Louisiana


"What a breath of fresh air it is to deal with a company that seems interested in winning my business. It is nice to feel taken care of and virtually assured that things will go smoothly, especially when I am dropping this much money."

R.N. in Georgia


"I received the replacement mic and cable and sent back the defective ones this morning...Thank you again for the wonderful customer service that you have provided for me since I started ordering from Full Compass. It has come to the point where even if I could save a few bucks by going somewhere else, I won't."

M.M. with a business in Kentucky


"I just spent the past 20 minutes on the phone with a rep. He far exceeded my expectations as he helped me with my order. He was pleasant and I felt as it he was keeping my interest in mind as he made suggestions. He had great understanding and knowledge of your products and equipment."

R.H. with a church in Texas


"I have been nothing but impressed with the cooperation and customer service in which Full Compass's employees work. So, thank you for being such a wonderful company to work with."

M.O. in Idaho


"I just wanted to take a minute and compliment your team. We have been dealing with our salesperson on several projects in the last 12 months and her service has been nothing less than outstanding! Your shipping and support staff must also be excellent because when we have ordered we have received material sooner than we expected. Our company prides itself on service that exceeds expectations, and your support helps make that possible."

D.D. from a business in Illinois


"I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how grateful I am for everything you've done to process my order. You've demonstrated a level of customer care that sets Full Compass apart from its competitors. It's also one of the reasons Full Compass is the first place I look when I plan my purchases."

T.M. with a college in Indiana


"We are also very pleased to find a company that has such an up-front, no-gimmicks way of doing business, sells at great prices, and has people like our salesperson who uses this equipment, can act as a sounding board for our design ideas, has a super attitude, took the time to answer all of my questions, talked shop with me, and didn't have to be asked to give us a great deal on our purchases."

W.J. with a church in Georgia


"Thanks for the awesome customer service at Full Compass. I just finished purchasing a drum booth and a full complement of mics/cables/stands/comps for my church. My salesperson patiently helped and guided me through the process. (I can't stress the word "patient" enough!) I've never had a negative experience with Full Compass. I'm pretty sure I never will."

E.J. with a church in North Carolina


"Thank you much for all the help! I always know where to go for parts now, expect future business!"

J.S. a first-time customer from California


"I feel compelled to write to you today in thanks for your swift and caring service in our time of need....I called you in a panic two days ago, after we had discovered a break in at our local theatre. Thieves had made off with most of our wireless sound equipment, cases, several speakers we use for rehearsals, and our mixer board. We didn't know if we could go on with just two days notice. Not only did you have everything we needed, but you had it in stock in the exact numbers we needed! You made sure that the equipment would leave your warehouse that day and would be shipped to us on time. ...you took care of us like it was your own production."

G.D. with a theatre company in Texas


"I want to personally thank Full Compass for such great deals, but more importantly for treating us with respect and promptness."

P.F. with a business in California


"Thanks to you and your fine staff of professionals for fixing my keyboard so quickly and inexpensively and doing it right! I appreciate your help and fine service."

B.N. with a recording studio in Mississippi


"I just wanted to say that your company has some of the best people I have ever worked with. Our salesperson has been amazing as we have purchased a new sound system to tour with our theatre department. From sales to shipping and all points between, you all need a good pat on the back. You will always have my business."

J.S. with a university in Indiana


"One reason I keep coming back to Full Compass, the staff rocks! I wish everyone in this industry was as trustworthy."

F.C. with a nightclub in Hawaii


"It's all too common these days for people to purchase sound equipment from a company that claims low prices, and good customer service. However, they know hardly anything about the product and aren't trained at all in sound reinforcement and design. For this reason, I will never purchase from anywhere but Full Compass.

My salesperson has provided some of the best customer service I think I have ever encountered, and he never stops amazing me at how happy he is to help me."

J.M. with a church in California


"In a world where everything is a commodity, customer service is usually the first to go. It's great to work with a company that still believes in service after the sale. Many thanks to you for standing behind the products you sell long after the warranty. Because of your company's continued commitment to us, we are committed to buying from you."

C.J. with a business in Ohio


"I received my speakers yesterday. Thanks to everyone at Full Compass for the outstanding service and support. I'm sure that I am just another satisfied customer but I do truly appreciate you going the "extra mile" for me."

J.M. in Iowa


"We just received our order and we continue to be amazed at how quickly we receive our orders. Thank you so much for the fantastic quality of service you provide to us."

S.S. with a church in Kansas


"We recently purchased and installed a new Audio/Visual system from Full Compass for our new on-site Education center. I wanted to write a quick note to say thank you and express how pleased I am with the professional service that I received working with two of your salespeople. I was very impressed with the responsiveness and customer focused attitude that these young professionals showed, as well as their product knowledge."

P.S. with a Wisconsin business


"In today's mail I received a Thank You note from you. It is me that should be sending you a Thank You note because we were treated like royalty when renting sound equipment from Full Compass for our daughter's wedding. Keep up the good work and know that your corporation can only grow because of your superb attitude toward your customer. I was very impressed."

J.G. in Wisconsin


"For over 10 years, in every encounter with our sales representative, he has always been helpful, courteous and professional. If he's not in when I call, he is always very prompt in returning my call. He's also very quick to get our orders processed, and is helpful in providing any information I request. We're very grateful for his service to us. He is certainly one of the main reasons we keep coming back to Full Compass for our audiovisual equipment and accessory needs."

D.R. with a church in Alabama


"On behalf of myself and the orchestra, I want to take this opportunity to extend a very sincere thanks for the outstanding customer service provided by my salesperson during the past seven months.

As the Venue Logistics coordinator, I was tasked with investigating and purchasing a "live sound" audio system for use at our outdoor (and larger indoor) events. During the inevitable interaction of comparing brands and product selections to ensure equitable features and price point comparisons, Heather continually exceeded all expectations and frankly, totally destroyed all competitors through her continued excellent customer service!

Without a doubt, her incredible devotion to customer service single-handedly secured Full Compass as the vendor of choice for us."

W.K. with a business in North Carolina


"As a start up business, I had to shop your competition. But, pricing is not a stand alone issue for me. My salesperson provided me with outstanding customer service from day one and treated me as if I had been doing business with Full Compass for years."

T.H. with a business in Virginia


"I want to personally thank you and Full Compass for such great deals, but more importantly for treating us with respect and promptness. Irregardless of how much or how little money someone spends with you, you have never failed to answer my questions and provide the information that I requested."

B.B. with a church in Tennessee


"Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much of a pleasure it was ordering products from your company. Your customer service rep was on top of her game, completely competent and an absolute pleasure to interact with. I wish all companies had customer service like this!"

T.P. in Texas


"Just opened and tested the projector you guys cleaned, etc.. Looks great! The image is as good as new! Thanks for your hard work!"

D.G. with a church in Michigan


"I can't thank you enough for your patience and guidance today in helping me get my equipment to talk to each other. You were amazingly clear in working through and isolating the possible obstacles. Now it all works great."

A.H. with a university in New York


"I have made a couple of purchases and each time my sales representative has been extremely professional, very pleasant and has been so helpful working with me to get the best equipment in my price range. Being part of a small to mid-sized church, his willingness to give me a great price each time has been a real blessing too. Thanks for running a great business."

M.B. with a church in Pennsylvania

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