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The information below answers the most common questions that our Service department receives. This should assist you in making the best decision regarding repair or replacement of your unit. If you choose replacement, your Sales Pro will be able to provide you with information on comparable features to find the closest alternative at a great price.

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What kinds of equipment do you repair?

We specialize in repairing what we sell. Our technicians have many years of experience repairing mixing consoles, amplifiers, portable keyboards, professional video equipment and more. If you need advice about your repair options contact the Full Compass Service Center today. You’ll get a prompt reply from our knowledgeable service team.

Can I ship my item to you for repair?

Yes. We have customers nationwide that ship us items for repair. If you’d like to ship an item we ask that you contact us first. We’ll give you shipping instructions and a unique reference number to identify your shipment each time you request a repair. If your item doesn’t arrive at our facility within 60 days and you still intend to send it in please contact us for a new reference number.

Packing Instructions:

We cannot be responsible for items damaged in transit to us so it’s important to pack your items securely. To ensure your items arrive safely use a sturdy box, heavy-duty tape, and dense cushioning. The original manufacturer’s packaging is often a good choice. Packing peanuts are not recommended. They can break down; allowing the contents to shift during transport, and the small pieces can get inside and cause additional problems with your item.

For especially heavy or fragile items double-boxing and providing 2 to 4 inches of cushioning is encouraged. Items in improperly fitted road cases are likely to be damaged if there is not enough space between the item and the outer case, or if the item has room to shift inside during transit. We recommend you use a shipping method with tracking so you can confirm when your shipment arrives at our facility.

Do you only service items you’ve previously sold?

Our services are available to anyone. Even if you didn’t buy your equipment from Full Compass we’re happy to help with your repair needs.

Do you do warranty repairs?

Yes. We’re authorized to do warranty repairs for many brands. See the list here. We also do out of warranty repairs for many more brands not listed. .

How much will it cost to repair my item out of warranty?

We can’t quote repair costs before seeing your item but these are the costs you can expect when you send in your item for repair.

  • You pay for shipping costs to the service center. For items shipping back after repair we’ll add the cost of shipping to our estimate. Local customers can drop off and pick up repairs during normal business hours.
  • An evaluation fee is charged for each item sent in for examination. It varies depending on the type of equipment. The fee is non-refundable and is solely for determining the potential for repair. This accounts for our time to test, troubleshoot, and research parts. If you approve our repair estimate the evaluation fee is credited toward the cost of the repair.
  • If we determine your item can be repaired we will contact you with an estimate. It will include the cost of labor, parts, materials, and return shipping if applicable. Our technicians have years of experience and training which ensures you’ll get the most accurate estimate possible. Occasionally an estimate will change due to the discovery of a problem that was undetectable during the first stage of repair, or an unexpected price change from our part supplier. In those instances we’ll contact you for approval of the new estimate.
  • When the repair is complete we will contact you with the final repair cost.
  • Certain minor repairs or specific services may be quoted a flat rate in advance.
  • Occasionally after examination it’s determined that an item needs to return to the manufacturer for repair. In that case we’ll contact you for approval of any additional charges required to send your item in for factory service.

Is there an average cost to repair my item?

For most items the defects are too unique to quote a cost in advance. Whenever possible we’ll attempt to give you an expected range of costs but the only way to provide an accurate cost is to have us examine it in our shop first. Our Sales Pros can also help you find the cost on an exact or comparable replacement so you can make an informed decision for your situation.

What if my item can't be repaired?

The majority of items we take in are repaired. Occasionally we find that an item isn’t repairable, or you may not find it cost effective to approve our estimate. Our evaluation fee is charged to account for our bench time. You can decide to have your item returned and only be charged the evaluation fee and the cost of shipping. We can also recycle your item if you prefer not to have it shipped back. The Full Compass Service Center recycles responsibly.

When can I expect my item to be returned?

We make every effort to return your items in the shortest time possible and our service administrators will keep you up-to-date on the status of your repair if there’s a delay. The main factor affecting the turnaround time is how long it takes to acquire replacement parts. Full Compass stocks thousands of parts so we can complete repairs quickly. When we need to order parts most of our vendors are able to get them to us within a few weeks. Occasionally items are on extended backorder from our suppliers.

Providing a detailed description of the malfunction helps our technicians determine the cause quickly which speeds our turnaround time. Helpful details to note include whether the problem is constant or intermittent. If it’s an intermittent problem it helps to know how often it happens or the circumstances that appear to make it fail. Knowing how your item is being used, other equipment you’re using it with, the specific channels affected, and any steps you took to troubleshoot the issue may assist our diagnosis.

Including essential accessories will prevent delays. Transmitters, receivers, power adapters, antennas, footswitches, proprietary cables, recordable media, or remote controls are common examples.

What do I do if my item still has a problem after it’s returned?

Full Compass wants to exceed your expectations and our goal is to make sure the problem is fixed the first time. All items are tested thoroughly after repairs are completed and very few items return with the same problem.

From the day your item is ready we provide a 90 day service warranty covering the work performed and parts used in the repair. If you experience a problem after you receive your item, please contact us right away so we can arrange to reexamine it if necessary.

Factory serviced items are subject to the manufacturer’s service warranty.

Can I do anything to reduce my costs?

Isolating the malfunctioning item in your set up is important. For example audio dropouts in your sound system could be caused by a faulty microphone, wireless transmitter, mixer, cable, or speaker. Taking time to identify the correct item will help you avoid unnecessary evaluation fees for equipment without a defect.

Power cycling may be all that’s needed to get your item working again after a transient malfunction. To power cycle your device, turn it off and disconnect it from its power source for several minutes or as long as possible. Attempting this before sending an item in for evaluation may save you time and money.

What will happen to my recordings and presets?

We're almost always able to save your data. However, this isn’t always possible. We cannot be responsible for lost data so we urge you to back up your recordings and presets before sending your equipment in for repair.

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