QSC TouchMix 16 Band Pack Full Compass Exclusive Bundle Offer
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QSC TouchMix 16 Band Pack
Mixer Bundle with QSC TouchMix 16, (2) SM57LC and (2) SM58LC Dynamic Vocal Microphones, iSeries Utility Case and Accessories


Cable Up MIC-20-BLACK - Main ViewSKB Cases 3I-1813-7-MIX - Front Angle Open View
QSC TOUCHMIX-16 - Right Side ViewQSC TOUCHMIX-16 - Left Side ViewQSC TOUCHMIX-16 - Rear Panel View
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QSC's TouchMix 16 Band Pack is a Full Compass exclusive mixer package thet features two (2) Shure SM58LC vocal microphones, two (2) Shure SM57LC vocal microphones, one (1) QSC TOUCHMIX-16 digital mixer and a 3I-1813-7MIX utility case from SKB.

The classic Shure SM57 is the "workhorse" microphone of stages and studios worldwide, as well as a standard for drum and instrument amp miking. Its carefully contoured presence rise means clean, beautifully defined instrumental reproduction and rich, warm vocal pickup on lecterns.

The Shure SM57 unidirectional dynamic microphone is exceptional for musical instrument pickup or for vocals. With its bright, clean sound and carefully contoured presence rise, the SM57 is ideal for live sound reinforcement and recording. It has an extremely effective cardioid pickup pattern which isolates the main sound source while minimizing background noise. In the studio, it is excellent for recording drums, 6 string guitar, and woodwinds. It is also the standard microphone used on the podium of the U.S. President for over 30 years.

Its outstanding performance, legendary reliability, and diversity of application make this "workhorse" the choice of performers, producers, and sound engineers the world over. The SM57 uses the same element as the SM58 but the smaller windscreen changes the sound slightly and will emphasisze bass boosting proximity effect from vocals since the mouth can get closer to the element.  A foam windscreen is available to reduce popping when used for vocals.

The Shure SM58 has been one of the best microphones for live vocals for over 50 years, providing an easy to hold, rugged and high sonic quality microphone for the first time.  Fifteen primary patents were issued for the technology in the SM58 including a pneumatic shock cancelling system which reduces handling noise and protects loudspeakers if the microphone is dropped.

The metal windscreen/pop-filter not only reduces breath and wind noises, but is also designed to act as a crumple zone, protecting the precision dynamic element if dropped head first.  The wind screen can be easily replaced in the field. The pattern is unidirectional/cardioid which minimizes ambient sound pickup.  The frequency response is designed to add clarity to human voice while minimizing the proximity effect that most cardioid mics suffer.  A sharp cut filter reduces sibilant effects in certain voices.

QSC TouchMix-16
The QSC TouchMix-16 is a 16-channel compact digital mixer with touch screen that's designed for musicians, production professionals and live performance venues that need the power and capability of a large “concert” mixing console in a compact, affordable and easy to use form. TouchMix-8 and TouchMix-16 mixers have the functionality to satisfy demanding professionals combined with a range of features and functions that help the less experienced user achieve quality results.

Professional live sound reinforcement engineers have come to expect functionality such as four bands of fully parametric EQ, variable high and low-pass filters, compressors and gates on every channel. They rely on multiple, high quality digital effects. They expect equalization, limiting and delay on all the outputs as well as the control that DCA and mute groups provide. And they expect pristine audio quality throughout the audio path of the mixer, including low-distortion, class-A microphone preamps and professional grade converters for all inputs and outputs.

In much the same way that digital cameras' "point and shoot" features help casual users achieve the results of skilled photographers, the TouchMix set out to create a mixer that does for live sound what ":point and shoot" technology has done for photography. Many TouchMix functions such as EQ, compressors, gates and limiters offer you a choice of Advanced Mode operation that offers total control over all parameters or Simple Mode that provides only the most essential controls.

There’s also a comprehensive library of Channel Presets, and these are not generic, one-size-fits-all settings developed in a recording studio. Experienced, live sound engineers spent months working with musicians, all manner of instruments, popular microphones and pickups and multiple speaker systems to develop a library of settings that are made specifically for live sound reinforcement. In addition, the onboard Effects Wizard guides you through the selection and assignment of appropriate effects while the Gain Wizard continuously monitors and displays input clipping, allowing you to focus on your performance. The TouchMix also comes with a comprehensive library of complete Mixer Scenes to get you started. User scenes may be stored or recalled from either internal or USB memory and at the user’s option, scenes may include or omit main and auxiliary mix levels.

TouchMix mixers are completely self-contained and don't require external PC or video display. The graphic, color touch-screen provides display of and access to mix parameters. Mixer parameters may be adjusted on the screen or via the physical rotary encoder. Frequently used functions can be accessed or controlled using hardware buttons. TouchMix may also be controlled remotely by means of Wi-Fi connection to wireless iOS or Android devices. The available Remote Control App controls all mixer parameters and the mixer includes a WiFi adapter that creates the network connection between the mixer and the hand-held device. No external network hardware is required.

With four (TouchMix-8) or ten (TouchMix-16) auxiliary output channels, TouchMix has ample stage monitor mixing capability for musicians to hear themselves. Both models have the ability to drive multiple, wired stereo in-ear monitors directly. TouchMix is also capable of direct recording to an external USB hard drive – no external computer is required. All inputs plus a stereo mix are created in 32-bit broadcast wave format. Tracks can also be played back on the mixer or imported into most DAW software for over-dubs and post production.

SKB Waterproof Case
The SKB 3i1813-7-TMIX waterproof TouchMix 16 case is constructed of molded high-strength polypropylene copolymer resin, with a gasketed water- and dust-tight design that's highly impact- and corrosion-resistant. The SKB 3i1813-7-MIX includes a continuous molded-in hinge, a trigger release latch system, an over-molded rubber grip handle for comfort, and an automatic ambient pressure equalization valve. Customized puzzle foam with space for your power supply is included. Sized to comply with airline regulations, the SKB 3i1813-7-TMIX is made to go practically anywhere.

QSC TouchMix16 Special Bundle Includes:

  • Four (4) JS-MCTB200 (Ultimate Support)
  • Four (4) MIC-20-BLACK (Cable Up)
  • Two (2) SM58LC (Shure)
  • Two (2) SM57LC (Shure)
  • One (1) TOUCHMIX-16 (QSC)
  • One (1) 3I-1813-7-MIX (SKB Cases)

Ultimate Support JS-MCTB200 Features:

  • Telescoping boom arm adjusts from 19.5" to 34.5"
  • Strong, reliable tripod base
  • Metal die-cast housing
  • Standard 5/8" threading
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Strong, tip-resistant tripod base

Shure SM57-LC Features:

  • Contoured frequency response for clean, instrumental reproduction and rich vocal pickup
  • Pneumatic shock-mount system cuts down handling noise
  • Extremely durable under the heaviest use
  • Effective, built-in spherical wind and pop filter
  • Break-resistant stand adapter with 180° rotation (included)
  • Frequency response: 40 Hz to 15 kHz
  • Type: Moving Coil Dynamic
  • Transformer isolation and matching
  • Polar Pattern: Unidirectional (cardioid), rotationally symmetrical about microphone axis, and uniform with frequency
  • Readily available field replacement parts
  • Textured enamel dark gray painted finish on die cast tapered handle
  • Low impedance 300 ohm
  • Capable of handling SPL of 150 dB to 190 dB (depending on frequency)

Shure SM58-LC Features:

  • Response tailored for vocals, with accentuated midrange and bass roll-off
  • Pneumatic shock-mount system cuts down handling noise
  • Effective, built-in spherical wind and pop filter
  • Supplied with break-resistant stand adapter with 180° rotation.
  • Legendary Shure quality, ruggedness and reliability
  • Frequency response: 50 Hz to 15 kHz
  • Type: Moving Coil Dynamic
  • Transformer isolation and matching
  • Polar Pattern: Unidirectional (cardioid), rotationally symmetrical about microphone axis; uniform with frequency
  • Readily available field replacement parts
  • Textured enamel dark gray painted finish on die-cast tapered handle.
  • Low impedance: 300 ohm
  • Capable of handling sound pressure levels of 150 dB to 190 dB depending on frequency.

QSC TouchMix-16 Features:

  • 20 Full Function Inputs:
    • 12 Mic
    • 4 Mic/Line (XLR/TRS Combo)
    • 2 Stereo Line (TRS)
    • Talkback (XLR)
    • USB 2-track
  • Outputs:
    • 6 Aux (XLR)
    • 2 Stereo (TRS)
    • Main R/L(XLR)
    • Cue (TRS)
    • Monitor (TRS)
  • TRS Aux outs drive wired In Ear Monitors (IEM)directly
  • 4-band full parametric EQ, variable high-pass and low-pass filters on all input channels
  • Gate and compressor on all input channels
  • 4 professional quality stereo DSP effects plus a pitch corrector
  • 1/3 octave graphic equalization, limiters, delay and notch filters on main and aux. outputs
  • 8 DCA and 8 Mute groups
  • Color, capacitive touch screen graphical user interface combined with hardware controls for fast and intuitive operation
  • Wizards, info and preset libraries assist the user with channel setup, effects selection and more
  • Direct to hard-drive recording and playback of multi-track wavefiles.
  • Capable of recording all input channels plus a user-selected stereo output pair
  • Remote control via iOS and Android devices (Wi-Fi interface included)

SKB Waterpprof Utility Case (3I-1813-7-TMIX) Features:

  • Perfectly sized to fit QSC TouchMix 8 and 16 channelmixers
  • Ultra high-strength polypropylene copolymer resin
  • Resistant to UV, solvent, corrosion, and fungus (MIL-STD-810F)
  • Complete gasket seal makes these cases absolutely watertight (MIL-STD-C-4150J)
  • Automatic ambient pressure equalization value (MIL-STD-648C & IP67)
  • Continuous molded-in hinge
  • Patent-pending trigger release latch system
  • Rubber over-molded cushion grip handle
  • Double layers of dividers for protecting small instruments or electronics
  • Able to be padlocked to keep your gear safe

Ultimate Support JS-MCTB200 Specifications:

  • Part Number: 16792
  • Stand Height: 40"-68"
  • Boom Length: 19.5"-34.5"
  • Base Diameter: 27"
  • Threading: 5/8"
  • Weight: 4.8 lbs.

Cable Up MIC-20 Specifications:

  • Cable:
    • Number of Conductors: 2
    • Conductors: 24 AWG
    • Stranding: 20 x 0.2mm
    • Conductor Type: Bare Copper
    • Insulation Matnerial: HDPE
    • Thickness: 0.6mm
    • Core O.D.: 1.4mm
    • Filler/Cord Material: Cotton
    • Shield Type: 64 strands x 0.12mm
    • Shield Style: Spiral
    • Shield Material: Bare Copper
    • Jacket Type: PVC
    • Jacket Thickness: 1.6mm
    • Total O.D.: 6mm
  • Connectors:
    • XLR female cable connector
    • Cable Up Part #: XLRF-C
    • Nickel-plated contacts
    • XLR male cable connector
    • Cable Up Part #: XLRM-C
    • Nickel-plated contacts

QSC TouchMix-16 Specifications:

  • Display:  6.1" x 3.5" (156mm x 90mm) color TFT, touch sensing
  • Inputs (mic/line):
    • 20 Total
    • 4 XLR/TRS combi
    • 12 XLR
    • 2 Stereo, 1/4” TRS
    • Talkback: 1 XLR
  • Outputs:
    • 2 Main XLR, Line
    • 6 Aux XLR, Line
    • 2 Stereo Aux. TRS, (Line or In Ear Monitor, 16 Ohm min. impedence)
    • 1 Stereo Monitor, TRS, (Line or headphone, 16 Ohm min. impedence)
    • 1 Stereo Cue, TRS, (Line or headphone, 16 Ohm min.impedence)
    • Mic & Line Input Channel Processing: 4-band, parametric EQ with Hi/Low shelving option, variable 24 dB/octave HPF & LPF, Gate, Compressor
    • 2-Track (USB) & FX Return Processing: 2-band shelving EQ, variable 24 dB/octave HPF, Gate, Compressor
  • Output Channel Processing:
    • Main outputs and auxes 1-6: 1/3 octave GEQ, Variable HPF and LPF, 4-band variable notch filters, Limiter
    • Auxes 7/8 & 9/10 (TM-16 only): 4-band PEQ, Limiter
    • Recording:  20 tracks, requires USB 3.0 HD,minimum 7,800 RPM
    • Groups:  8 DCA groups (with mutes), 8 Mutegroups
    • Cue:  Input cue priority, AFL, PFL, Solo InPlace
  • 4 professional effects engines:
    • Reverb, echo, delay, chorus. 50 factory, 50 user presets, 1 Pitch Correct (assignable to any mono input channel)
  • Line Voltage Requirements:  100-240 VAC, 50-60Hz
  • Sampling Frequency:  Selectable 44.1 kHz or 48kHz
  • Internal Processing:  32-bit floating point
  • Frequency Response:  20 Hz - 20 kHz +/-0.5 dB,any input to any output
  • Dynamic Range:  105 dB
  • Equivalent Input Noise:  -128dBu
  • Residual Output Noise:  -86dBu
  • Crosstalk:  -80dB
  • S/N Ratio:  -94dB
  • Maximum Input Level:  +16dB (Mic inputs), +22dB(Line inputs)
  • Phantom Power:  48V, individually switchable per channel
  • Dimensions (HxWxD):  3.5" x 14.2" x 11.7" (89 x360 x 297 mm)
  • Weight:  5.9 lbs. (2.98 kg)

SKB Cases 3I-1813-7-MIX Specifications:

  • Dimensions (Internal; LxWxH): 18.5" x 13" x 7"
  • Dimensions (External; LxWxH): 19.82" x 15.5" x 7.88"
  • Internal Materials: Foam
  • External Materials: Polypropylene Copolymer Resin
  • Handle/Straps: 1 x Handle
  • Weight: 8.6 lbs.

QSC TouchMix 16 Band Pack Full Compass Exclusive Bundle Offer

Non-Bundle Price: $2020.66
Bundle Rebate: $171.66

Exclusive Bundle Price: $1849.00

For a limited time, get the QSC TouchMix 16 Band Pack Full Compass Exclusive Bundle which includes:

  • One (1) QSC TouchMix 16 Digital Mixer
  • Two (2) Shure SM58LC Microphones
  • Two (2) Shure SM57LC Microphones
  • One (1) SKB Carrying Case

Full Compass is offering this exclusive bundle at a special price of $1849!

$171.66 LESS

than if you bought each item separately!

Price shown on the QSC TouchMix 16 Band Pack product page reflects the special pricing. For more information on this and other products, please contact your Sales Pro at 800-356-5844.

QSC TouchMix 16 Band Pack Full Compass Exclusive Bundle Offer
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