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Empire Scientific EPP-100C
Rechargeable Camcorder/UPS/Alarm System/Emergency Lighting/Medical Battery


The Empire Scientific EPP-100C is a Sealed Lead Acid Battery that can replace a host of batteries from an array of Manufacturers (see list below).
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The Empire Scientific EPP-100C is a Sealed Lead Acid Battery that can replace a host of batteries from an array of Manufacturers (see list below).

Note: Listing is for one (1) battery ONLY.

Empire Scientific EPP-100C Specifications:

  • Power Output:
    • Voltage: 12 Volts
    • Current: 2300 mAh
  • Dimensions: 7.17" L x 0.93" W x 2.42" H
  • Terminal: Pressure Contacts
  • Approvals: UL Recognized

Empire Scientific EPP-100C Replaces these Batteries (as of November 10, 2015):

  • Bauer-Bosch: BA321
  • Canon: BP100, BP30, BP30A31, BP32  
  • Chinon: BP80, CVBP80, CVBP82   
  • ELMO: BP10, PVBP80     
  • General Electric: 1CVA125, 1CVA155     
  • Grundig: BP122       
  • Interstate: AM0260       
  • JC Penney: 6882922       
  • Magnavox: AR8378BK01, V80039BK01, V80086BK01, VSBS0011 
  • NEC: VB30U, VB50U     
  • Olympus: VFBP3, VFBP3U, VFBP7, VFBP7U 
  • Panasonic: EB362, EPK1185, LCS2012APC, LCS2012AV, LCS2312AVBNC, LCSA122R3EU100C, LCT1912AP, PVBP80, PVBP88, VSB0011, VWVB30, VWVB31, VWVBM10, VWVBM7E 
  • Philco: V80039BK01       
  • Philips: 22AV5591, AR8378BK01, AR8395BK01, SBC5215, V80039BK01, V80086BK01       
  • Quasar: VE257, VE551XE, VSBS0011    
  • Sanyo: LA2312       
  • Sears: 5399        
  • Sylvania: AR8378BK01, AR8395BK01, V80039BK01, V80086BK01  
  • TECHNIKA: CB620, CB812     
  • Zenith: VAC905       

Empire Scientific EPP-100C can be used with these models:

  • Bauer-Bosch: VCC516, VCC526, VCC550, VRP30  
  • Blaupunkt: CR1500, CR1800, CR2000S, PTV260  
  • Canon: CR30A, CV65, CV70, CVT60, F1000S
  • Chinon: CV765, CV770, CVC70, CVC800, CVT124, CVT60, CVT60G, CVT63, CVT65, CVT7, CVT70, CVT72, CVT73, CVT80  
  • Curtis Mathes: 768, 770, AV800, BV880, CV800, DV800, HV773, PV800, QD00004  
  • ELMO: ER10       
  • Emerson: VHS        
  • General Electric: 1CVD5021, 1CVD5021X, 1CVD5023, 1CVD5025B, 1CVD5025X, 1CVD5027, 1CVD5028B, 1CVD5040, 1CVM8080, 1CVP5021, 1CVP5022B, 1CVP5022X, 1CVP5024, 1CVP5026X, 1CVP5027, 1CVP5028B, 1CVP5030, 1CVP6022, 1CVP6024, 1CVP6026, 1CVP6028, 1CVP6030, 5036, 5200, 5424, 5426, 5428, 5430, 5440, 5442, 5740, 5747, 99605, 99606, 99607, 99608, 99609, 99610, 99805, 99806, 99807, 99808, 99810, 99815, CG700, CG701, CG911, CG9805, CG9806, CG9807, CG9808, CG9809, CG9810, CG9915, CG9920
  • Grundig: VS160, VS170, VS180
  • JC Penney: 6865110, 6865111, 6865115, 6865116, 6865335, 6865350, 6866016, 8558967, 8559163  
  • JVC: GS1000        
  • Magnavox: 8292, 8293, 8380, CV5320AV, CVJ310, CVJ312, CVJ320, CVJ322, CVJ340, CVJ350, CVK321, CVK332, CVK342, CVK352, CVL320, VR8208AV01, VR8208AV8245BK01, VR8292, VR8298293, VR8298294, VR8298294AF, VR8380, VR8382, VR8400, VR8450, VR8451, VR8453, VR8454, VR8455, VR8456, VR8457, VR8471, VR8472, VR8474, VR8475, VR8480, VR8484, VR8485, VR8486, VR8570, VR8572, VR8585, VR8590, VR8592, VR9143, VR9240AV, VR99244, VR99246    
  • Marantz: CVB800        
  • NEC: CV30U, CV40U, V20U, V300, V400, V40U, VM40U     
  • Olympus: VC104, VC105, VC106, VX402, VX404, VX405, VX406, VXS405    
  • Panasonic: AFX3, AG160, AG170, AG180, AG190, AG212DX, AG2400, AG400P, AG450, AG460, AG6400, AG7400, AGBP202, AG-HMC40, AGV50, EB362, NV180, NVM10, NVM1000, NVM5, NVM7, NVM7EO, NVM7EW, NVM8000, NVM8PX,
    NVM9, NVMS1, NVMS2, PK410, PK412, PK450, PK452, PK500, PK503, PK530, PK557, PK558, PK802, PK805, PK903, PK956, PK957, PK958, PK959, PK973, PK975, PK976, PK980, PV200, PV210, PV220, PV2200, PV300, PV320, PV-3200,
    PV330, PV350, PV400, PV420, PV425, PV430, PV460, PV5110, PV515, PV520, PV5200, PV530, PV535, PV5350, PV5420, PV5800, PV5810, PV6110, PV645, PV650, PV660, PV750, PV8000, PV8100, PV8110, PV822, PV8440, PV8484, PV8485, PV8500, PV8600, PV8650, PV9000, PV9000A, PV9600, PV9600A, PVM429, PVS350, PVS440, PVS4420, PVS445, PVS460, PVS540, PVS545, PVS550, PVS565, PVS575     
  • Pentax: PVR1100A       
  • Philco: V1728SL01, V1728TSL01, VCR801AV01, VCR802AV01, VCR807AV01, VCR809AV01, VCR901AV01     
  • Philips: CPJ810, CPJ815, CPK834, CPK855, CVL345, PRO 1, VKR2000, VKR6820S, VKR6850, VKR6851, VKR6855       
  • Quasar: VM11C, VM20AC, VM2100, VM21AC, VM22AC, VM23AC, VM24AC, VM25AC, VM26AC, VM27AC, VM29, VM34, VM35, VM37, VM708, VM709, VP2100, VP5430, VP5440, VP5441, VP5442, VP5450, VP5451, VP5452, VP5740,
    VP5741, VP5742, VP5744, VP5747, VP5748, VP5750, VP5751, VP5756, VP5757, VV9404
  • Samsung: SVE27       
  • Sears: 5368, 53683, 5369, 53691, 5370, 53703       
  • Sokkia: 402-0-0017, AXIS 3, GSR 2600, GSR  2650, RADIAN (OLD STYLE)
  • Sylvania: VC4511SL01, VC4512SL01, VC4513SL01, VC4514SL, VC4515SL01, VC4520, VC4525SL01, VC4526, VC4527SL01, VC4530, VC4540SL01, VC4545, VC4546, VCC151, VCC151AV01, VCC152, VCC157, VCC159, VCC161, VKC242
  • TECHNIKA: C5010, C6000, C6010, C7000, CX700, CX711, CX811, CX971S   
  • Toshiba: 151       
  • Wards: 10650, 10651, 10652, 10687, Signature 2000

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