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4 Piece STAR Drum Walnut Shell Pack in Antique White Finish


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The TAMA Drums STAR Drums flagship line takes the knowledge and research that TAMA has cultivated for their Starclassic series to the next level by reexamining every detail in order to enhance shell resonance.

Walnut has long been favored by furniture makers for both its beauty and durability. As a drum shell material, Walnut's naturally EQ'ed tone has been praised by the drum community for both the stage and the studio. The STAR Walnut shells project booming low end with enough cut to be heard through any mix.

NOTE: The snare drum, cymbals, and stands shown in the picture above are NOT INCLUDED with purchase of this shell pack.

Tama TW42ZSATW Includes:

  • 1x TWB2218 18"x22" Bass Drum
  • 1x TWT1008 8"x10" Tom Tom
  • 1x TWT1209 9"x12" Tom Tom
  • 1x TWF1614 14"x16" Floor Tom

Tama STAR Walnut Series Drums Specifications:

  • STAR Drum Walnut shells offer a distinctive warm, fat sound
  • STAR Drums feature a bearing edgeshape as shown in the diagram above. Its peak is rounder than TAMA'straditional bearing edge. This rounded peak provides more contact between thedrumhead and shell, allowing vibration to travel from the drumhead to theshell more efficiently. Also, the peak position of the edge is 3.5mm from theshell's outer surface, which further improves contact between the drumhead anddrum.
  • To maximize the natural resonance of drums, tom toms should be mountedwith minimal stress and strain on the shells and hoops. STAR drums featureSuper  Resonant Mounting System.
    This mounting systemhas three contact points with the drum. Two are located on the batter hoop (A& B -see image above), and one is located on the bottomhoop (C).These three points create the largest possible theoretical triangleon the drum. The two contact points on the batter hoop (A & B) support theweight of the drum vertically. The third contact point (C) supports thehorizontal weight of the drum, once the angle is set. According to physics,the further this third point is located, the less support it requires whensetting an angle. Therefore, by placing the third contact point as far aspossible on the bottom hoop, using the support arm, we were able todramatically reduce the stress and strain on the shell and hoop and increasenatural resonance.
    If you tilt your drums beyond a certain angle, whichshould only apply to a small minority of drummers, this mounting systemoperates a little differently. If a drum is titled beyond a certain angle, thebottom hoop will no longer be incontact with, or supported by, the bottomcontact point (C). In that case, a different contact point (D), located on thebatter hoop, comes into play. Although the triangle formed by these threepoints is much smaller, it does not put more strain on the batter hoop becauseof the angle of the drum. So the drum's natural resonance is still preservedin this case.
    To maximize theresonance of drums, it's very important toprevent the vibration of the shells from transferring to the tom stands.Therefore, in addition to the engineering outlined above, Tama also utilizesrubber at each contact point between the shell and the mounting system, whichhelps to isolate the shells and greatly reduces the vibration transference.
  • The "Quick-Lock" tom brackets equipped on the Star-CastMounting System and on Starclassic floor toms have some very distinctive,ground-breaking features.
    First and foremost, as their name suggests, thesebrackets allow for quick and easy setup and breakdown. But the real uniquefeature of these brackets is that once the drum is positioned on a tom standor floor tom legs, there is no need to attach and adjust separate memory locksto save the setting. By simply sliding the switch on the tom bracket, thebracket separates into two parts. When the drum is removed for breakdown, the"memory lock" portion remains on the tom stand or floor tom leg. This savesyour positioning and makes the next set up quick and easy.
    These Quick-Locktom brackets have some hidden acoustic benefits as well. Following the sameprinciple of reducing vibration transference from drums to the tom stands orfloor tom legs, these tom brackets also employ rubber lining to furtherisolate the drums and enhance resonance.
  • The bass drum spurs adopt the same concept as the floortom legs. Since the bass drum spurs receive the horizontal impact from thepedal striking the bass drum, properly absorbing this impact is critical tothe natural resonance of the bass drum shell and for a comfortable feel fromthe bass drum pedal. This is why Tama designed STAR bass drum spurs with soft,high-mass rubber feet.
    There is one more important consideration. Most bassdrum spurs have metal spikes at the end to prevent slippage while playing.This is an important feature for many drummers, so to achieve the same impactabsorption principle while using metal spikes, STAR bass drum spurs feature aunique 2-piece construction. The spike is separated from the rest of the spurby rubber, which absorbs the impact without transferring it to the spikeitself, allowing the bass drum shell to vibrate and resonate more freely.
  • Minimum Shell Contact - Every piece of hardware thatis attached to shells affects the resonance and sound of the drums. Indeveloping the STAR drum line, every detail was carefully considered tomaximize resonance and optimize sound.
    The lugs for STAR drums have aluxurious, sophisticated look, as well as an extremely low mass bridgeconstruction for minimum shell contact. The bass drum claw hooks follow thesame principle by "floating" on the surface of the bass drum hoops. STAR drumsalso feature an imprinted badge and small wooden air hole grommet whichfurther reduce the weight of materials on the shell and improve resonance andsound.
  • Floor Tom Legs - In general, floor toms are positionedvertically and are struck with downward force. This means that the floor tomlegs receive this downward impact directly. The tips of STAR floor tom legsfeature a special, hollow, soft rubber construction which help absorb thisimpact in a way that emphasizes the drum's natural resonance andsustain.
    Playability is also one of the key elements Tama considered incrafting the high-end STAR drum line. This hollow, soft rubber constructiononthe floor tom legs also provide a very comfortable feel and response whenstriking the drum.
  • STAR drums feature die-cast zinc hoops, which aremanufactured by injecting molten metal into molds. Die-cast hoops are denserand more consistent in shape than triple-flanged hoops, which are manufacturedby bending metal plates.
    Sonically, die-cast hoopsprovide crisper attack,greater projection and a more focused and powerful tone. Die-cast hoops alsomake tuning easier and keep drums in tune longer because of their density andconsistency in shape. These hoops combine with the rich, resonant STAR drumshells for a very well-balanced, full-bodied sound.
  • Hold Tight washers are designed to prevent the tensionrods from loosening. They consist of a cup-shaped stainless steel washer whichcontains a rubber ring.
    Vibration caused from striking a drum creates spacebetween tension rods and hoops, which can cause the tension rods to loosenover time. The rubber rings on Tama's Hold Tight washers help absorb theimpact of vibration and keeps tension rods in constant contact with the hoopsto prevent loosening.
  • Drum Heads:
    • Tom Toms & Floor Toms: Remo® Coated Ambassador for Batter Side / Remo® Clear Ambassador for Bottom Side
    • Bass Drums: Remo® Coated Powerstroke 3 for Batter Side / Remo® Fiberskyn Powerstroke 3 Diplomat for Front Side
    • Snare Drums: Remo® Coated Ambassador for Batter Side / Remo® Snare Ambassador for Snare Side
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