Renkus-Heinz IC7-II
7 x 4" 175W Powered Mechanically Steerable Column Array Loudspeaker


The IC7-II is a 175W 7 x 4" powered mechanically steerable column array loudspeaker.
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Renkus-Heinz IC7-II
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The IC7-II is a 175W 7 x 4" powered mechanically steerable column array loudspeaker.

Iconyx is a technology breakthrough: a powerful sound system that integrates computer software, digital amplification and superior acoustical design to deliver both enjoyable music and intelligible, natural speech, even in highly reverberant spaces where conventional solutions have failed. Tall, slender Iconyx arrays mount flush to walls and columns, becoming virtually invisible in most applications.

Finally, magnificent architecture can house effective communication and uplifting music. The IC7 and ICX7 are mechanically steerable array modules that supplement digitallly steered Iconyx arrays. They deliver the same natural reproduction with a fixed acoustical beam: a high value solution for side fill, front fill, or “short throw” applications that don’t demand programmable control.


  • Houses of Worship: traditional & modern
  • Transport Terminals: train stations, airports, etc.
  • Stadiums & Arenas: lobbies & forecourts
  • Convention Centers, warehouses, etc.
  • Museums: lobbies, galleries, etc.
  • Performing Arts Centers: vocal/orchestral “lift,”lobbies, etc.
  • Any highly reverberant environment where enjoyable music and/orintelligible speech are as important as the architectural design


  • Architecturally Transparent: The tall, slim Iconyxenclosure is designed to be heard but not seen. They mount flush to walls andcolumns, blending invisibly with almost any architectural style. Yet Iconyxaims the sound precisely at the audience, and nowhere else. The narrowvertical opening angle allows the Iconyx modules to focus the energy on theaudience, while avoiding excessive energy in unwanted areas.
  • Focused Acoustic Control: The IC7 & ICX7’sacoustic beam focuses the sound on the audience and not on the walls andceiling, improving intelligibility in reverberant spaces.
  • High-Performance Coaxial Transducers: Control ispointless unless the sound is accurate, natural and enjoyable. That’s why theIconyx IC7 and ICX7 use advanced, purpose-designed coaxial transducers tobroaden their horizontal dispersion at high frequencies and improve musicalreproduction.
  • Flexibility: The IC7 is self-powered for convenienceand flexibility; the ICX7 is designed for use with external amplifiers.
  • Class D Digital Amplifier: IC7 line arrays include a Class D digital poweramplifier with loudspeaker-specific signal processing and protection againstoverload damage.


  • Power: 175-Watts
  • Sensitivity: 1.0V (for RPO)
  • Frequency Range: 120Hz - 18kHz
  • Max SPL (Single): 117dB peak @ 1 meter
  • Max SPL (Dual Stacked): 123dB peak @ 1 meter
  • Horiz. Dispersion: 150° up to 3kHz, 120° above 3kHz
  • Vertical Dispersion (Single): 30°
  • Vertical Dispersion (Dual): 15°
  • Typical Throw (single): (20 meters)
  • Typical Throw (Dual):  132ft (40 meters)
  • Beam Control (Single): Effective >800Hz
  • Beam Control (Dual):  Effective >400Hz
  • No. Transducers:
    • 3 - Coaxial with a 4" woofer and triple 1" tweeters, RH model SSL4-7 25 W RMS, 50 W Pgm
    • 4 - 4" woofer, RH model SSL4-8, 25 W RMS, 50 W Pgm
  • Connectors:  Looping XLR; female in, male out (pin 1 chassis, pin 2+, pin 3 -)
  • Enclosure: Extruded Aluminum with perforated steel grille
  • Finish: White or Black paint (Custom colors optional)
  • Weight: 30 Lbs (13.9 kg)
  • Dimensions: 44.38"(H) x 5.68"(W) x 4.75"(D)

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