Blackmagic Design Videohub Master Control
Master Control Panel for Videohub Routers


When you need to access your whole router without sacrificing speed...
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Blackmagic Design Videohub Master Control
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When you need to access your whole router without sacrificing speed, then Videohub Master Control lets you scroll your router sources and destinations with the easy to use spin knob control or via direct button entry. You can even see all routes on the beautiful LCD.  Powers via DC or the Ethernet connection.

Now you can control your router from anywhere in your building. Videohub routers use ethernet for the control panel connections so you can select from a wide range of hardware rack mount panels or control your router from your Mac, PC or even iPad.  You can even customize your own control solutions using the Videohub developer SDK.

Videohub routers have more control options because you can select from hardware panels or innovative software control panels that let you route cross points on your desktop.  If you're using Mac or PC based editing and design systems, routing from your desktop costs nothing and saves space in your studio. In larger installations you can select from the Videohub Master Control, which is a full rack mount spin knob controller with direct label entry and elegant LCD display to see your router status, giving you control over every crosspoint on the largest Videohub model. If you want cut-bus style routing, then the Videohub Smart Control features 40 customizable buttons that can be set to any router label. Videohub Smart Control can be setup for 1, 2 or more destinations, as well as macros and more.

With so much post production equipment based on desktop computers these days, the best place to control your router is right from your desktop.  All Videohub models include free software so you can simply install on your Windows or Mac, and get an incredibly attractive icon based router control panel. You can install on as many computers as you like.  The Pushbutton view allows you to see images in the buttons of common video equipment.  If you want the most incredible XY control panel, then Pushbutton view looks fantastic when installed on a dedicated all in one computer with touch screen such as a HP TouchSmart, with all routing performed by pressing buttons directly on screen.


  • Hardware Control Panels: When you are workingin larger facilities with rack mounted equipment then you need a serioushardware based control panel. You can choose from two compact, 1 rack unitsized hardware control panels. Videohub Smart Control features 40 crystal lookWRGB illuminated buttons that can be set to any router output. To set the inputto any SDI equipment now just requires a single button press.  VideohubMaster Control allows direct button entry or scrolling using the spin knob toaccess any source or destination, even on the largest Videohub router. Simply typein the label, or scroll the knob.  You can see the source and destination onthe built-in LCD that features beautiful anti-aliased fonts for an extremelyattractive user experience.
  • Easy to Use:Videohub control panels are incrediblyeasy to use.  Simply install Videohub Smart Control under a monitor, then theoutput of the router you have connected to that monitor can be set to adifferent source each time a different button is pressed. Thats a "cut-bus"style of router control and is extremely fast to use.  Just punch along thebuttons to look at anything on your router. Install under broadcast decks oredit suites so you can set the video input the same way. If you want fullcontrol of every crosspoint on your router from a single control panel, thenVideohub Master Control simply allows you type in the cross-point directly oreven easier, just spin the knob and see all your sources and destinationsscroll by. You can even set to use a take button.  It's just as simple on yourMac or PC where you can also setup simple graphic buttons for the simple andelegant router panels on your computer.
  • Destination: Once you have selected the source ordestination you want, simply press take and your route will become active.
  • Single or Multiple Destinations: Even though VideohubSmart Control is a cut bus type of hardware control panel, it's smart enoughto allow multiple destinations.  If you want a true cut-bus, such as whendedicating the control panel to a video monitor, just select to a singledestination and then all buttons are sources that change the route to thatdestination when pressed. Of course the full Videohub Master Control lets youscroll through every single destination on the router so you can always selectany destination and any source for full XY access to the router, all from atiny 1 rack unit control panel. Videohub Master Control gives you everything.
  • Elegant Design: Router control panels don't need tobe ugly, and Videohub hardware control panels have been designed to fit intothe most creative post production facilities and broadcasters.  You getattractive crystal look buttons that are illuminated by both RGB and whiteLEDs so that a wider range of rich and clean colors can be displayed. VideohubMaster Control lets you see everything with an extremely elegant LCD displaythat keeps you fully aware of your router status. Videohub hardware controlpanels allow the front panel can be unscrewed and slid off so labels can beinserted under the buttons. You get Adobe Illustrator™ files with crop marksthat you can use as templates to generate your own custom labels.  All buttonscan be variably backlit so you can always read button labels even in darkrooms.  Videohub hardware control panels use only a single rack unit and areless than an inch thick.
  • Easy to Install:No router panel is so easy toinstall.  You can customize buttons, sources and destinations using the easy touse Windows and Mac software included with each Videohub control panel.  Tosetup the panel, just connect to the built in USB connection and then run thesoftware.  You can select where the Videohub is on your network, as well as howmany destinations you want on the panel. You can even select the backlightingbrightness, as well as if you want a "take" button.
  • Connects via Ethernet: VideohubSmart Control and Videohub Master Controluse standard ethernet networking so you can simply plug into the existing computer network.  If you want to use your Videohub in mission critical environments, you can even connect Videohub control panels to routers via a dedicated ethernet switch.  Videohub Smart Control and Videohub Master Controlfeature power over ethernet so if used with an ethernet switch that includes power over ethernet support, then no power supply is required. For non-powered ethernet switches, we also included a power supply with international power socket adapters. Videohub hardware control panels also include loop through ethernet connections, perfect for looping to other control panels or computers.  You can chain dozens of control panels so you save hundereds on ethernet cabling.


  • Ethernet: RJ45 Ethernet with Power over Ethernet supported, without power supplied on loop Ethernet output.
  • Macro capability: None
  • Hardware Control: 15 assignable buttons with scroll wheel for fast selection of source and destination. LCD information screen.
  • Internal Software Upgrade: Via included firmware updater application via USB.
  • Physical Installation: 1 rack unit size. Less than an inch deep.
  • Button Configuration: Included free forWindows™ and Mac OS X™ via USB 2.0 high speed (480Mb/s) interface.
  • Power Fail Protection: Button configurations and router communication preserved and restored instantly at power on. Button configuration can also be saved for later recall.
  • Power Supply: 1x Universal power supply included with international socket adapters for all countries.
  • Product Warranty: 12 Months Limited Warranty.

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