Juice Goose RX10-SCS
AC Surge Filter


Juice Goose's RX10-SCS Filtercord features the Juice Goose Hybrid Filter Technology to improve electronic performance and protect against dangerous power events on the hot...
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Juice Goose RX10-SCS
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Juice Goose's RX10-SCS Filtercord features the Juice Goose Hybrid Filter Technology to improve electronic performance and protect against dangerous power events on the hot, neutral and ground power leads.

Additional features include:

  • 10 Amp Capacity
  • High Voltage Surge Protection
  • High Frequency Normal and Common Mode Noise Filtration
  • Over Voltage Shutdown
  • Protection Against Building Wiring Faults

Improve performance of HD monitors and projectors while protecting your valuable investment. When high frequency interference reaches your HD image through the power cord, image quality is lost along with much of the reason for going HD in the first place. At the same time, dangerous high energy events you may or may not notice can shorten the life of  your video machine.

The Juice Goose RX10-SCS has a 5-15R NEMA receptacle to plug into your component’s existing power cord.  The 3 foot long power source cable is fit with a convenient right angle plug to lie flat against a wall.  This design allows for better filter module placement and connection with hard to reach AC outlets. Using an IEC adapter, the RX10-SCS can be connected directly to a component – replacing the existing removeable power cord.

NOTE: Common Mode AC power distrbances are NOT corrected by surge protectors.

It’s common knowledge, there are three wires leading in an electrical power cord (hot, neutral and ground). Therefore, there are two potential circuits on which damaging surges can travel, normal mode (hot to neutral) and common mode (neutral to ground).

This Juice Goose power protection technology is particularly valuable because it works against common mode as well as normal mode events. While common mode surges and disturbances don’t typically cause catastrophic damage, they can result in operating failures and improper performance of digital processing equipment. Compared with the low operating voltage of processor logic, a power anomaly of  even 1 or 2 volts on data lines or logic ground can cause problems. That’s why the RX10-SCS  is designed to have a voltage surge  let through of only 1/2 volt between neutral and ground.

The Hybrid Filter also protects against more dramatic events. Connected equipment is safe from surges up to 6,000 volts at 3,000 amps on hot, neutral and ground.

Yet, some "series mode" AC protection devices ignore common mode protection. It’s common sense: half a solution is no solution. Normal and common mode noise need to be reduced.

The RX Series uses a Hybrid Filter Technology that will not contaminate the ground. Instead, it cleans it up.

Digital, electronic equipment is sensitive to even low voltage spikes and AC frequency interference between neutral and ground wires (common mode noise). These events can create logic confusion that disrupts the function of digital processors. A significant percentage of malfunctions with sensitive equipment is due purely to common mode AC power interference. Surge suppressors and normal mode filters don’t address this problem.

Common-mode noise poses a greater threat compared to normal-mode noise because of the different path taken to dissipate the noise energy. Potentially damaging common-mode noise can be much less in magnitude than a normal-mode impulse, but much more disruptive.

The Juice Goose RX Series Hybrid Filter allows only 1/2 volt let through on the common mode and a maximum of 10 volts on the normal mode. AC interference (i.e. EMI or RFI) is reduced greatly (80 dB for common mode and 60dB for normal mode).

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