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Roland INTEGRA-7
SuperNatural Sound Module


With the development of SuperNATURAL sound and Behavior Modeling technology, Roland has blurred the boundary between acoustic and electronic instruments.
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Roland INTEGRA-7
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With the development of SuperNATURAL sound and Behavior Modeling technology, Roland has blurred the boundary between acoustic and electronic instruments.  Built upon these core technologies, the INTEGRA-7 gives musicians a gold mine of the latest SuperNATURAL sounds in a fast-access, fully stocked 16-part module.  The powerhouse rack comprises a "greatest hits" collection of sounds from Roland's flagship keyboards and V-Drums modules, plus a coveted lineup from the legacy SRX library.  It also introduces a technology called Motional Surround, a 17-part ambience engine that lets you graphically control the distance and position of each part within 360-degree sound field.  With the immense power of the INTEGRA-7, you can create amazingly realistic and detailed orchestral arrangements, immersive, spatial sounds, and beyond.

Roland INTEGRA-7 Features:

  • Flagship synth module with over 6,000 sounds built in
  • The latest SuperNATURAL sounds with enhanced BehaviorModeling technology for expressive acoustic instruments and accuratereproduction of performance articulations
  • Powerful SuperNATURAL synth engine with fat analogsynth models and vintage filter types
  • Dynamic SuperNATURAL drum engine with natural tonalchange derived from Roland V-Drums
  • Producer's "must-have" SRX Expansion sound librarybuilt in; all 12 SRX titles included
  • Dedicated multi-effects and EQ for each part (16parts), plus dedicated COMP+EQ (use six simultaneously) for drums and ambienceparameters for SuperNATURAL drum kits
  • Innovative 17-part Motional Surround ambience enginefor stereo, headphone, and 5.1-channel output
  • INTEGRA-7 Editor for iPad and Motional Surround VSTi Editor for SONARsoftware

Roland INTEGRA-7 Specifications:

Sound Generator Section:

  • Maximum Polyphony: 128 voices (varies according to thesound generator load)
  • Parts: 16 parts
  • Tones: SuperNATURAL Acoustic, SuperNATURAL Synth, SuperNATURAL Drum Kit,PCM Synth, PCM Drum Kit*
    *GM2compatible sounds are included.
  • Expansion Virtual Slots: 4 Slots* The following titles are loaded from theinternal memory into the virtual slots. SRX Series (12 titles) SRX-01 DynamicDrum Kits SRX-02 Concert Piano SRX-03 Studio SRX SRX-04 Symphonique StringsSRX-05 Supreme Dance SRX-06 Complete Orchestra SRX-07 Ultimate Keys SRX-08Platinum Trax SRX-09 World Collection SRX-10 Big Brass Ensemble SRX-11Complete Piano SRX-12 Classic EPs Expansion SuperNATURAL Sounds (6 titles)ExSN1 Ethnic ExSN2 Wood Winds ExSN3 Session ExSN4 A.Guitar ExSN5 Brass ExSN6SFX Expansion Hi-Quality PCM Sounds (1 title) ExPCM HQ GM2 + HQ PCM SoundCollection
    *The SRX Series and the Expansion SuperNATURAL Sounds use onevirtual slot per title.
    *The Expansion Hi-Quality PCM Sounds use all four virtualslots.
  • Effects: Multi-Effects: 16 systems, 67 types Part EQ: 16 systems Drum PartCOMP+EQ: 6 systems Motional Surround Chorus: 3 types Reverb: 6 types MasterEQ

Additional Specifications:

  • Display: 256 x 80 dots graphic LCD (with backlit)
  • Connectors: PHONES jack (stereo 1/4" phone type)INPUT jacks (L, R) (1/4" phone type, Front) INPUT jacks (L, R) (1/4" phonetype, Rear) OUTPUT A (MIX) jacks (L, R) (1/4" TRS phone type) OUTPUT A (MIX)jacks (L, R) (XLR type) OUTPUT B jacks (L, R) (1/4" phone type) OUTPUT C jacks(L, R) (1/4" phone type) OUTPUT D jacks (L, R) (1/4" phone type) DIGITAL AUDIOOUT jack (COAXIAL) MIDI connectors (IN, OUT, THRU) USB COMPUTER port(Audio/MIDI) USB Memory port AC IN jack
  • Power Consumption: 18 W
  • Accessories: Owner's Manual, DVD-ROM (SONAR LE), PowerCord
  • Options (sold separately): USB Flash Memory*
    *Use USB flashmemory sold by Roland. We cannot guarantee operation if other products areused. 
  • Dimensions: 18-15/16" W x 10-6/16" D x3-9/16" H (481 x 262 x 89 mm)
  • Weight: 8 lbs. 10 oz. (3.9 kg)

SuperNATURAL-Powered Music Production

The core of the INTEGRA-7 is its SuperNATURAL sounds with Behavior Modeling technology.  SuperNATURAL not only mirrors the sounds of acoustic instruments, it also simulate the behavior of instruments when they're played.  With SuperNATURAL, sounds come to life under your fingers.  Whether used in acoustic or electronic domains, the INTEGRA-7 puts a world of expressive sound in your hands.  Go deep inside the programming engine and customize your own sounds, or let the INTEGRA-7 do it all for you.

SuperNATURAL Acoustic Tones

Here are a few examples of the SuperNATURAL acoustic sounds onboard the INTEGRA-7, and their realistic behavioral actions:

  • Grand Piano: Thisgorgeous grand provides smooth, seamless tonal changes from soft to hardkeystrokes, and natural decay with no "looping". The notes fade beautifullyand organically. You can adjust a variety of parameters to customize thesound.
  • Electric Piano:Recreations of legendary EPs are onboard, including '68 Reed, '73 Stage, '78Pure, '76 Tine, and '81 Tine. These expressive pianos feature realistickey-off noise and dedicated effects, including a newly created phaser.
  • Guitar: Reproducechord fingerings, strumming, and melodic performances of steel-, nylon-, and12-string guitars, as well as Flamenco guitars, ukulele, and mandolin. TheINTEGRA-7 also contains several electric guitar models, including asingle-coil Strat, and even an amp simulators such as the Roland JC-120 JazzChorus, stack amps, and more. Electric guitar techniques such as the "Jazzoctave" phrase can also be performed easily.
  • Strings: Pitchestransition naturally from note to note when playing tied legato-style melodylines. Effortlessly realize portamento, pizzicato, staccato, and tremolotechniques that are unique to instruments such as violin, viola, cello, anddouble bass.
  • Brass: TheINTEGRA-7 faithfully reproduces the dynamic changes of tone colors unique tobrass instruments — including the over-blowing technique of a saxophone, andthe distinctive pitch-bend behavior of a French horn. Perform staccato, fall,and growl techniques with stunning realism.
  • Ethnic Instruments: Instruments from around the globe areonboard, such as the Shakuhachi (Japan) with authentic pitch and tonalfluctuations caused by breath amount, Erhu (China) with the distinctive pitchbend when transitioning from note to note, Sitar (India) with realistic stringresonance, and Kalimba (Africa) with unique vibrating noise of the board andtines. The built-in "ExSN1 (Expansion SuperNATURAL) Ethnic" sound pack can beloaded into a virtual slot for more sounds.

SuperNATURAL Synthesizer

The INTEGRA-7's SuperNATURAL powers also reach beyond acoustic instruments.  It's loaded with SuperNATURAL synth tones that meticulously recreate the fat sound of beloved vintage synthesizers, their expressive filters, and unique envelope behaviors.  Hundreds of PCM waveforms are onboard as well, providing a treasure trove of classic digital-synth sounds prevalent in the '80s and '90s.  You can even edit the sounds intuitively on an iPad with the dedicated editor app.

SuperNATURAL Drums and SFX

In addition to the expressive acoustic tones and full-blown synth engine under the hood of the INTEGRA-7, you'll find a SuperNATURAL drum engine derived from Roland V-Drums.  Thanks to Behavior Modeling Technology, the INTEGRA-7 can groove like a real drummer.  Drum kits respond smoothly and naturally to velocity, with seamless tonal transitions from soft to loud.  Play fast drum fills that don't sound like fake machine-gun fire, and create fluid snare, tom, and cymbal rolls with real-time control of their speed and volume via mod lever.  The drum engine even has its own ambience effect, plus six COMP+EQ sets, which you can apply to the drum instruments individually.

The SFX kits offer a variety of stunningly realistic sounds, such as car crash, door slam, footsteps, birds, river, and more.  Great for film scoring, some of the effects offer real-time control.  For example, using the mod lever, you can realistically control the sound of a virtual audience (the amount of clapping and cheering) or the sound of an ocean tide, rain, and wind.

Essential Legacy Sounds Onboard

Roland has a long, celebrated history of creating top-selling synthesizers, and many musicians still rely heavily on their legacy gear.  With the INTEGRA-7, a "greatest hits" collection of previous Roland synths is built in.  All of the sounds from the XV-5080 are on board, plus all 12 titles from the SRX Expansion libraries, including SRX-05 Supreme Dance with essential electro sounds from vintage TR-808 and -909 drum machines, SRX-06 Complete Orchestra with a huge collection of orchestral instruments and dramatic sound-effects, and SRX-09 World Collection that's like an audio encyclopedia of ethnic instruments including rare, hard to find samples.  The INTEGRA-7 is equipped with four virtual expansion slots, which can be used to load four SRX libraries simultaneously.  With all of these classic sounds instantly available, plus a stockpile of enhanced SuperNATURAL sounds, the INTEGRA-7 brings the past, present, and future together in one convenient instrument.

NOTE: Since the INTEGRA-7 uses the latest MFX engine, the onboard SRX expansion libraries will not sound identical to previous sound modules and synthesizers.  The INTEGRA-7 cannot load data from the XV-5080.

Motional Surround

The INTEGRA-7 introduces a new era of spatial sound design.  Motional Surround — derived from Roland's proprietary RSS (Roland Sound Space) technology — lets you control not only the left/right panning of sounds, but also their depth, even placing them behind you.  A solo instrument can be placed nearby, for example, while the backing or percussion instruments can be placed at a distance, thus creating a sound field with natural width and depth.  Motional Surround is particularly stunning when applied to orchestral simulations.

This sound processing can also be applied to external audio; connect an audio player or instrument to the INTEGRA-7's inputs and immerse it in Motional Surround.  Adjust the parameters in real time via MIDI, as well as with the dedicated iPad app or VSTi plug-in editor for DAWs such as SONAR.  You can even record Motional Surround movements in SONAR for automated playback.  Motional Surround supports two-channel output, so you can experience the effect with just two speakers or headphones.  5.1-channel output is also supported for maximum impact with five speakers and a subwoofer.

First-Class Hardware

Housed in a rugged metal chassis, the INTEGRA-7 is designed and built to withstand decades of use, whether in a studio or a touring road rack.  The INTEGRA-7's internal components are premium grade, including high-quality, low-noise D/A converters.  It's also equipped with dedicated effects engines, so you don't have to worry about CPU load; each of the 16 parts can have their own MFX and EQ, rather than sharing the same effects for all parts.

Across the INTEGRA-7's front panel are dedicated buttons for accessing sounds and effects quickly, plus a large value dial surrounded by navigation keys.  The LCD is easy to see, and you can adjust its contrast and brightness to suit the viewing angle and lighting conditions.  On the rear panel is an array of versatile connectors, including stereo XLR outputs, eight individual 1/4" phone outs, a digital (coaxial) output, MIDI in/out/thru, and a USB port that supports audio streaming at rates up to 24-bit/96 kHz.  For convenience and flexibility, input jacks are provided on both the rear and front panels.

Features and Add-Ons

The INTEGRA-7 is packed with innovative and powerful features, including a Tone Finder wizard that organizes the 6,000-plus onboard sounds into logical categories for quick location.  Simply press the dedicated Tone Finder button and choose your category; once you find a sound, press the volume knob/button to preview it.  The preview plays a suitable phrase for each sound, so you know what kind of articulation behavior it's able to produce.  Other noteworthy features included an ultra high-quality GM2 sound set (uses all four virtual slots) for playing SMF files via external sequencers, six additional SuperNATURAL sounds (uses one virtual slot each), a front-panel USB memory port (which lets you conveniently store your settings on a USB thumb drive), and a custom iPad Editor App for iPad users who wish to control the INTEGRA-7's synth parameters, part mixer, and Motional Surround remotely, as well as selecting sounds and reading/loading the 16-part Studio Sets.

Perfect partners for the INTEGRA-7 are Roland's new A-88 and A-49 MIDI controller keyboards.  The SuperNATURAL button on the A-88/-49 automatically assigns the INTEGRA-7's most appropriate parameters to the mod lever, knobs, and D-BEAM for controlling the selected SuperNATURAL sound.

The INTEGRA-7 in Action

Make the INTEGRA-7 a star player in your music production, performance, and education experience.

  • For Pro Music Production…: The INTEGRA-7 has over 6,000 internal sounds that span acomplete musical universe of styles.  To have the equivalent on yourcomputer, you'd need to instantiate several soft synths and concern yourselfwith RAM and CPU overload.  INTEGRA has practically every sound in everycategory for music and film-scoring production — from essential acousticsounds such as pianos, brass, drums, and strings to ethnic instruments fromAsia, Africa, and the Middle East.  It also contains a wide variety ofSFX patches for adding dramatic impact to your songs and soundscapes. Activate Motional Surround to add new dimensions to your sound, such asorchestral simulations with stunning depth and realism.
  • For Television and Radio…: If you need high-quality tracks for broadcast, and you needthem fast, you can feed the INTEGRA-7 Standard MIDI Files and marvel at thebeauty of the internal GM2 sound set.  By using Motional Surround, youcan also create jaw-dropping sound effects and jingles with incredible motionand depth.  If you have a stockpile of pre-recorded jingles and effectsclips, you can run them through the INTEGRA-7's audio inputs and applyMotional Surround to those recordings.
  • For Music Schools…: When teaching music composition, the INTEGRA-7 is a usefultool to demonstrate sounds and instruments of the world, all from within aself-contained, dedicated device.  With a recommended A-49 or A-88 MIDIcontroller connected, and a single press of the SuperNATURAL button, you’reinstantly ready to take full advantage of the INTEGRA-7's highly expressivesounds.  Teachers and students can conveniently store and carry theircustom settings via a USB thumb drive.
  • For Museums, Art Galleries, and Planetariums…: With theINTEGRA-7's Motional Surround engine, you can create music for specialexhibits that take audiences into new dimensions.  Place and rotate theelements of your sound effects and compositions in a 360-degree sound field,while also controlling their positional depths.  You can even use yourcomputer or iPad to adjust the surround locations graphically.  MotionalSound can be used in two-channel mode, headphone mode, and 5.1-channelmode*.
    *For 5.1-channel playback, you’ll need five powered speakers (left,right, center, rear-left, rear-right) and one powered subwoofer. Dolby Digitaland DTS are not supported.

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