John Hardy Company M-1
4-Channel Microphone Preamplifier

OUR PART #:  M-1-4CH

The M-1 Mic Preamp is among the finest mic preamps in the world. It provides the accuracy and transparency that is missing in other mic preamps.
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John Hardy Company M-1
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The M-1 Mic Preamp is among the finest mic preamps in the world. It provides the accuracy and transparency that is missing in other mic preamps. No matter what your application, the M-1 will provide superior sound quality. The world's best input transformer (Jensen JT-16-B), best op-amp (990 discrete op-amp) and the elimination of all capacitors from the signal path combine to provide the highest performance.

The M-1 was introduced in 1987 and while sonically identical to the M-2 there are a few control differences. The M-1 has a two-section gain-pot providing continuously variable adjustment in two overlapping ranges that are selected by the "HIGH GAIN" switch. (The M-2 has a 16 position gain-switch with 1% metal-film resistors providing accurate and repeatable gain settings).

This M-1 has a 19" wide mainframe rack-mount chassis (1.75"H x 19"W x 8"D) and 4 channels.


  • VU-1 deluxe meter card option included
  • JT-11-BMQ Output Transformer option included.  Jensen's best micoutput model.
  • JT-16-B Input Transformer. Jensen's best mic input model.
  • 990 Discrete Op-Amp. Faster, quieter, more powerful and better soundingthan typical monolithic op-amps.
  • Elimination Of All Coupling Capacitors From The Signal Path. Results inless degradation of the audio signal.
  • Dual Range Gain Control And 'High Gain' Switch. Provides great feel andresolution for easy and accurate adjustments.
  • Polarity Reverse Switch.
  • Phantom Power Switch.
  • All Front Panel Switches Are LED Illuminated.
  • Gold Plated XLR Connectors for maximum reliability.
  • Ground Lift Switch On Each Channel. Helpful for eliminating ground loops.
  • Toroidal Power Transformer With Additional Shielding. Eliminates humproblems so no external power supply is needed.
  • Universal Power Supply. Internal switch provides six primary voltagechoices to accommodate use anywhere in the world.
  • Chassis Ground Isolation Switch. Helpful for eliminating ground loops.
  • Built To Order, the way YOU want It. Various options can be easily fieldinstalled at a later date.


  • E.I.N., 20Hz - 20kHz Unweighted: 
    *  150 Ohm source: -129 dBU
    *  0 Ohm source:  -132 dBU
  • Maximum Input Level  >30Hz:  +12 dBU
  • Maximum Output Level at 990 Output:  75 Ohm load +24 dBU
  • CMRR:
    *  100Hz:  100 dB
    *  10KHz:  80 dB
  • Deviation from Linear Phase:  20Hz - 120kHz < 2 deg
  • THD, JT-16-B (Below Saturation): 
    *  20Hz: 0.036%
    *  30Hz:  0.022%
    *  50Hz:  0.010%
    * 1KHz:  0.003%
  • THD, JT-16-B & 990:
    *  60db Gain, 10k Ohm Load, +24dBu Output 10kHz  0.005  %;  1kHz  0.004  %
    * 40db Gain, 600 Ohm Load, +24dBu Output  10kHz  0.003  %; 1kHz  0.003  %
    *  40db Gain, 75 Ohm Load, +24dBuOutput  10kHz  0.030  %;  1kHz  0.005 %
    *  DC Offset   <100  uV

Optional Equipment Included!

  • The VU-1 Meter Card is a very accurate and informativemeter that directly monitors the output level of the MPC-1 mic preamp card.There is no need to monitor the input level of the MPC-1 because the outputwill clip before the input transformer saturates. The VU-1 provides a 20segment LED bargraph display and separate “peak” LED (labeled “PK” on thefront panel) to indicate extremely high signal levels. An LED-illuminatedfront panel switch (green LED) gives a choice of “Peak” or “VU” meterballistics. The “Peak” ballistic provides a fast attack time for the bargraphso that transients are fully indicated. The “VU” ballistic provides a slowerattack time, similar to a standard mechanical VU meter. The meter scaleaccurately covers -28 to +10dB in linear steps of 2dB (15 yellow LEDs, 5 redLEDs). Easy calibration of the meter's 0VU operating level is accomplished bymoving an internal plug-in jumper to one of four positions: 0dBu, +4dBu, +8dBuor ADJustable. The “ADJ” position covers a range of -10 to +12 dBu via a25-turn trim pot. Standard setting is “+4” (0VU on the meter scale equals a +4dBu output level).
  • The JT-11-BMQ Output Transformer is the best Jensenline-output transformer. It compliments the outstanding line drivingcapability of the 990C by providing a balanced, floating, isolated output.Ground loop problems are eliminated because the signal is coupled magneticallyrather than directly, something that transformerless circuits cannot do. Yourapplication may not require an output transformer, but if you need one, theJT-11-BMQ is the best.

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