Revolabs 10-FLX2-002-POTS
FLX2 Conference Mic System with 2 Wearable Mics, Analog Phone

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Revolabs 10-FLX2-002-POTS
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  • 2 wearable mics
  • 1 base station & AC adapter
  • 1 charger base & AC adapter
  • 1 wireless speaker
  • 1 wireless dialer/handset phone
  • 1 RJ11 telephone cable

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Revolabs' FLX™ is designed for mid- to small-sized conference rooms, executive offices and SoHo environments.

The wireless Revolabs FLX's conference phones is comprised of several distinct components giving you freedom with respect to placement and accessibility of the speaker, microphones and dial pad.  Microphones and speaker can be placed throughout an office to optimize sound quality.  In an executive office, the speaker and a microphone can be on a small conference table, while the second microphone is on the executive's desk, allowing natural participation from different areas of the room.  No more shouting across the room so that listeners on the other side of the conference call can hear you.

People on the call will feel as if they are all in the same room, speaking face-to-face, due to the Revolabs FLX patent pending audio technology.  All of the microphones and speakers support wide band audio (80 Hz -11 kHz), delivering natural-sounding audio.

Since the Revolabs FLX microphones and speaker are wireless and independent of each other, a variety of Revolabs FLX microphones can be used to match your needs.  Whether it is a lapel microphone worn by one person, an omni-directional tabletop microphone to capture the sound of 6-10 participants, or a directional tabletop microphone enabling audio capture from 2-3 people.  The Revolabs FLX system also replaces the need for separate desk and conference phones.  The Revolabs FLX dialer is used to set up a conference call, or works like a telephone for handset calls.  Private conversations can be held at the start, middle, or end of a conference call.

In addition to phone conferencing, you can use Revolabs FLX as the audio interface with your video conferencing unit, providing the same high performance and freedom for your video calls.  The system is compatible with all major brands of video conferencing systems.  For call participants without Internet access, you can "bridge" their phone call into your video session at any time.

Bluetooth connectivity is integrated into the Revolabs FLX so that the FLX can be your sole collaboration device independent of the communication channel you use.  The Revolabs FLX lets you connect the speaker and microphones to your Bluetooth enabled cell phone or computer.  The FLX supports a range of channels, which simplifies your technology needs and reduces costs.

With the security of an encrypted voice signal, no one will be able to listen in on the signal sent between the microphones, the speaker, and the base station.  Revolabs FLX uses digital RF wireless operating in the globally accepted 1.9GHz ISM band, minimizing interference with other technology in your environment.  The Revolabs FLX does not steal bandwidth from your WiFi network, and will not interfere with UHF and other radio signals.  Cell phone interference is eliminated through Revolabs RF Armor™ Technology.


  • Superior Audio Quality: Patent pending technology delivering spoken wordclarity
  • Wireless Freedom for Optimal Sound: No wires required to operate theconference phone; move microphones and speaker where you need them; dial fromanywhere in the room
  • Connectivity: Phone, AUX in/out, Bluetooth
  • Speaker/Handset: Make private calls using handset
  • Revolabs RF Armor: No more cell phone buzz or interference
  • Simple Setup: Up and running quickly
  • Stylish Design: The telephone becomes the focus, not an eyesore

Audio Specifications:

  • Bandwidth: 80 -11,000 Hz
  • Channels: 2 or 4 microphone channels per system
  • Radio Frequency: North America: 1.92 to 1.93 GHz(UPCS NorthAmerica)
    International: 1.88 to 1.90 GHz (DECT EU)
  • Noise Cancelation: Active on the microphone
  • Echo Cancelation: Acoustic echo canceller for speaker/microphone
    Lineecho canceller for analog telephone line
  • RF Shield: No cell phone interference due to RF Armor™ technology

Base Station:

  • Telephone: RJ11 (POTS), RJ45 (VOIP)
  • Analog IN OUT AUX OUT: Line level input, 2 outputs, line level or miclevel


  • Display: High resolution color LCD display
  • Caller ID: Support for multiple Caller ID standards
    ETSI, DTMF, BritishTelecom, Bellcore Type 1
  • Phonebook: Up to 99 entries
  • Keypad: 12 key telephone keypad, 2 context sensitive soft keysanswer/hang-up keys, 5 key cursor and control panel


  • Base Station: 5VDC, 5W
  • Charger Tray: 15VDC, 15W
  • Battery life: Up to 8 hours
  • Charge time: 2 hours

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