Clear-Com MS-702
2 Channel Main Intercom Station with Power Supply

OUR PART #:  MS702

Clear-Com's MS-702 is a one-rack-space, two-channel main station with a regulated 1.2-amp "fail-safe" power supply, individual channel short-circuit protection...
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Clear-Com MS-702
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Clear-Com's MS-702 is a one-rack-space, two-channel main station with a regulated 1.2-amp "fail-safe" power supply, individual channel short-circuit protection, and a versatile intercom monitoring system. It supports two intercom channels with up to 40 beltpacks or 10 speaker stations. It features Clear-Com's excellent speech intelligibility in both high- and low-noise environments.

Monitoring System
The MS-702 can monitor intercom activity on one or both channels with individual listen-level controls. Monitoring intercom activity is possible through a headset or the internal loudspeaker. The high-sensitivity internal speaker provides intelligible communication in the typical active production environment.

Talk Selection
The MS-702 contains mic preamps with limiters, and speech-shaping circuits for enhanced intelligibility. An individual electronic momentary/latching talk button is provided for each channel. These buttons light dimly when latched - blue-color LED while in stand-by and amber-color LED when latched. The channels may be accessed separately or simultaneously without tying them together. An optional gooseneck mic is available.

Announce Output
For paging applications, the MS-702 provides a balanced, line-level output signal to a 1/4" TRS connector on the rear panel. The front panel "Announce" button activates the output and the Announce relay. The relay circuit, on a separate 1/4" TRS connector, is typically used to mute control-room monitors during live announcements.

Visual and Audible Signaling
Visual "call" signaling attracts the attention of operators who have removed their headsets or turned off their speakers. Call buttons for each channel signal all stations on that party line by flashing brightly. Along with the visual signal, the station's speaker will emit an audible signal if the remote station operator holds the Call button for more than 2 seconds.

Remote Mic Kill (RMK)
The MS-702 is equipped with a global RMK button. It will turn off the microphone talk circuits of all Clear-Com beltpacks in the system, eliminating extraneous noise from the "open" headset microphones.

Program Input
The MS-702 accepts a line-level external program input for monitoring in the headset and speaker, and/or mixing with intercom audio on either or both channels. When Interrupt is selected, the program signal is interrupted when the Talk button is pressed.

Power Supply & System Protection
The MS-702 provides visual indication of power supply conditions. In the event of a short circuit or current overload on a channel, that channel will shut down while the other one continues to operate. As soon as the fault condition is removed, the "auto-reset" circuitry will restore power to that channel - even under full load conditions.

Simple Set-Up
The MS-702 connects to remote stations with standard, two-conductor shielded mic cable. User-selectable setup dip switches are provided on the rear panel.

Clear-Com MS-702 Features:

  • Supports up to 40 beltpacks or 10 speaker stations on two channels and 12 headsets
  • Separate short-circuit protection for each channel
  • Dual-action electronic momentary/latching "talk"buttons
  • Program feed to both channels, with selectable "Program Interrupt" (IFB)
  • "Call" signal buttons for each channel
  • Global "Remote Mic Kill"
  • Announce output with relay
  • Microphone limiting
  • Volume controls for each channel
  • Visual and audible "Tone Alert" signaling
  • Channels A & B "Link" switch
  • Built-in speaker
  • Optional gooseneck mic
  • External switchable line termination on each channel
  • Universal voltage power supply for 100-240 VAC operation

Clear-Com MS-702 Specifications:

  • Panel Microphone Input
    • Input Type: Electret
    • Input Impedance: >=2kohm
    • Mic Limiter Threshold: 0dBu +/-3dB
    • Mic Limiter Range: >=20dB
  • Headset Microphone Input
    • Input Type: Dyanmic
    • Input Impedance:>=1k ohm
    • Mic Limiter Threshold: 0dBu +/-3dB
    • Mic Limiter Range: >=15dB
  • Program Line Input
    • Maximum Level before Clipping: >=20dBu
    • Input Impedance:>=5k ohm< /UL>
    • Headset Output
      • Load Impedance: >=8 ohms
      • Output Impedance: <=25ohms
      • Output Limiter Threshold: +5dBu +/-3dB
      • Maximum Output Level before Distortion: >=17 dBu< /UL>
      • Speaker Output
        • Load Impedance: >=4 ohms
        • Max Output Level before 1%Distortion: 20dBu +/-2dBu
      • Party Line Output
        • Off Noise: <-74dBu
        • Output Impedance: >10k ohms
      • Party Line Input
        • Crosstalk: <-60dB
        • Max level before Clipping:>=12dBu
        • Sidetone Null Capability: >25dB
      • Stage Announce/Balanced Line Out
        • Type: Balanced
        • Output Impedance:>=200 ohms
        • Load Impedance: >=600 ohms< /UL>
        • IFB/Hot Mic\
          • Type: Unbalanced
          • Output Impedance: 180 ohms
          • Load Impedance: >=600 ohms< /UL>
          • Frequency Response
            • Panel Mic - Party Line: 600-10kHz +/-3dB
            • HeadsetMic - Party Line: 200-12kHz +/-3dB
            • Headset Mic - Line Out: 200-12kHz+/-3dB
            • Program Input - Party Line: 100-17kHz +/-3dB
            • Program Input -Headset Out: 200-10kHz +/-3dB
            • Program Input - Speaker Out: 300-10kHz+/-3dB
            • Party Line - Headset Out: 200-10kHz +/-3dB
            • Party Line - Speaker Out: 300-10kHz +/-3dB
          • Max Distortion
            • Panel Mic - Party Line: <=0.5%
            • Headset Mic - PartyLine: <=0.5%
            • Headset Mic - Line Out: <=0.5%
            • Program Input - PartyLine: <= 0.2%
            • Program Input - Headset Out: <= 0.2%
            • Program Input -Speaker Out: <= 0.5%
            • Party Line - Headset Out: <= 0.2%
            • Party Line - Speaker Out: <= 0.5%< /UL>
            • Noise
              • Panel Mic - Party Line: < -65 dBu
              • Headset Mic - Party Line:< -70 dBu
              • Headset Mic - Line Out: < -55 dBu
              • Program Input - PartyLine: < -85 dBu
              • Program Input - Headset Out: < -60 dBu
              • ProgramInput - Speaker Out: < -60 dBu
              • Party Line - Headset Out: < -50dBu
              • Party Line - Speaker Out: < -50 dBu
            • Max Gain
              • Panel Mic - Party Line: >= 37 dB
              • Headset Mic - PartyLine: 41 dB ± 2 dB
              • Headset Mic - Hot Mic Out: 55 dB ± 3 dB
              • Headset Mic -Announce Out: 55 dB ± 3 dB
              • Program Input - Party Line: >= -16dB
              • Program Input - Headset Out: >= 18 dB
              • Program Input - Speaker Out:>= 24 dB
              • Party Line - Headset Out: >= 34 dB
              • Party Line - Speaker Out: >= 40 dB</UL>
              • Min Gain
                • Panel Mic - PartyLine” <= 25 dB< /UL>
                • Mains Power
                  • Input Voltage Range: 100 - 240 VAC
                  • Input FrequencyRange: 50 - 60 Hz
                  • Input Power: <= 60 VAC
                  • Output Voltage: 30 VDC ±0.5V
                  • Output Current per Channel (Continuous): 1.2 A
                  • Output Current perChannel (Peak): 2 A (Do not exceed the 1.2A rating for more than 2 seconds per 1 minute period)
                  • Short Circuit Recovery Time (1st short): <= 0.5sec
                  • Short Circuit Recovery Time >=20 shorts in 20sec:<= 20 sec
                • Station Capacity: Up to 40 RS-601 beltpacks or 10 speaker stations or 12 headset stations distributed over both channels
                • Rear Panel Connectors
                  • Intercom: (6) XLR-3M (3 per channel)
                  • AnnounceOut: (1) XLR-3M (audio)
                  • Announce Relay: (1) 1/4 in. (0.64 cm) phone jack(relay)
                  • Program: (1) XLR-3F
                  • Hot Mic / IFB Interface: (1) 1/4 in. (0.64cm) phone jack
                  • AC Power: IEC 320 connector
                • Rear Panel Controls
                  • (2) Termination On-Off switches
                  • (8) Optionswitches
                  • (1) Power switch
                  • (1) Tone alertvolume control
                • Front Panel Connectors
                  • Panel Mic: (1) 1/4 in. (0.64 cm) panel mountingjack
                  • Headset: (1) XLR-4M
                • Front Panel Controls & Indicators
                  • (1) Panel / headset micswitch
                  • (1) Announce button
                  • (1) Party line link button
                  • (2) ProgramON-OFF-INTERRUPT switches
                  • (3) Program level controls
                  • (2)Listen controls
                  • (2) Sidetone null controls
                  • (2) Talk buttons
                  • (2) Callbuttons
                  • (1) Tone alert button
                  • (1) RMK button
                  • (1) Speaker ON-OFF switch
                  • (2) Short LEDs
                • Environmental: 32 - 122°F
                • Dimensions: 19" W x 1.75" H x 6.5" D
                • Weight: 6.06 lbs
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