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The new Waves Vocal Bundle is a comprehensive vocal toolkit made up of three Waves classics and two brand new processors destined to become industry standards: Tune...
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Waves Vocal

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The new Waves Vocal Bundle is a comprehensive vocal toolkit made up of three Waves classics and two brand new processors destined to become industry standards: Tune, which delivers a new level of sound quality and ease in pitch correction and melody transformation; and DeBreath, a Waves exclusive which removes unwanted breath sounds automatically.In addition, Waves Vocal Bundle features Renaissance Channel, the acclaimed virtual channel strip that gives you EQ, compression, gating and limiting in one convenient plug-in; Renaissance DeEsser, perfect for removing excess sibilance; and Doubler, for superior double-tracked effects.

Waves Tune packs more pitch-transforming power into a single, easy-to-use plug-in than anyone ever thought possible. What’s more, all this power is extraordinarily easy to use. Everything you need to shape pitch is right there in Tune’s elegant interface.

DeBreath is a revolutionary new plug-in that automatically reduces or removes breath sounds on vocal tracks. DeBreath employs a unique template-matching algorithm that detects breath segments and separates them from the main vocal, so breath sounds can be reduced or eliminated without affecting the rest of the signal. Room tone can also be added to compensate for its loss where breaths are removed or reduced.

Because DeBreath can be used to separate a vocal track into two elements, one containing only voice and the other only breaths, each can be processed differently, for the emotional effects of breathing to be enhanced with additional processing if desired. In addition to cleaning up singers’ tracks, DeBreath is also an effective time-saving tool for engineers working with voice-over and spoken-word recordings.

Renaissance Channel
Renaissance Channel is a precision channel processor combining the finest equalization, compression, limiting, and gating, all in the famous Renaissance series tradition of smooth and warm sound. Featuring: Vintage modeled EQ and compressor, selectable EQ/Dynamics ordering, independent setting of sidechain routing and filtering for compression and gating, overload protection, stereo rotation, and true double precision. This processor takes the concept of channel insert to the limit and beyond. True to Waves tradition, you asked for a channel processor, we created something better.

Renaissance DeEsser
The Renaissance DeEsser relies on technologies used in the C4, RenVox and Waves DeEsser and it has several new proprietary features that make it better then other DeEssers including Waves DeEsser. It is simpler to use, while providing overall results that are smoother, more natural sounding.

Doubler is for any musician or audio engineer who wants a superior "Double Tracking" effect. The NEW Waves Doubler uses delay and pitch modulation to create a new class of sounds. Unlike other delay and pitch modulation processors Doubler specializes in the double tracking sound that is great on polyphonic instruments and full mixes.

Waves Vocal Features:

  • Tune:
    • Work in perfect sync with your host and do all your editing from within the Tune interface without being bound to a specific section of your track
    • ReWire lets you listen to your edits in real-time, together with the rest of your tracks, starting playback from any timeline position (ReWire is a Propellerhead product)
    • Formant corrected pitch processing results in natural sound, with an astonishing new level of transparency and no audible phase shift
    • Tune features powerful yet extremely easy-to-use editing tools and atotally intuitive piano-roll screen
    • The large, user-friendly display is easy to use and navigate and the superior Zoom Tool lets you know exactly where you are at all times
    • Tweak Natural Vibrato for maximum realism or fine tune Synth Vibrato to transform your sound
    • All edits are non-destructive and saved with your session
    • Export MIDI files to double your vocal parts using your favorite synth or sampler, or to create note-for-note transcriptions
    • Choose from dozens of standard and exotic scales, orset and save custom scales with amazing flexibility
    • Tune is completely compatible with multiple hosts, so you don’t need more than one version of Tune
  • Renaissance Channel:
    • Selectable EQ/Dynamics Signal flow
    • Vintage modeled EQ and Compressor, inherited from the acclaimed Renaissance Equalizer and Renaissance Compressor
    • EQ with consistent filter response over the whole frequency range
    • Selection of two compression curves, inherited from the renowned Renaissance Compressor and Renaissance VOX
    • Overload Protection - no output clipping
    • Stereo Rotation control - Controlling level balance without affecting center channel sound
    • Independent setting of sidechain routing and filtering for gating and compression
  • Renaissance DeEsser:
    • Phase compensated crossover eliminates undesirable coloration to the sound and phase modulation that normally occurs as an artifact of the compressor. The same type of crossover is used in Waves award-winning C1 and C4 compressors
    • Adaptive threshold allow the compressor to dynamically adapt to the inputsignal to provide a smoother DeEssing effect yielding more natural sounding results
    • Attenuation range control allows the user to specify the maximum gain reduction for more accurate control
    • Enhanced visual display incorporates a graph to allow the user to see what you hear
  • Doubler:
    • Options 2 & 4 voices, Mono/Stereo components for efficiency
    • Wide Range 100 cents for detune & 200 cents for modulation range for creative doubling effects
    • Independent Control each voice has Detune, Pan, Delay, EQ and Volume
    • Intuitive and innovative User Interface
    • Stereo FX. Create stereo from a mono source and enhance stereo sources
    • Input Source Control a stereo source input selection for normal LR and L,R, L-R, L+R
    • LFO Sync Functions the LFOs have re-set and sync for synchronization to the beat or start of the sound for repeatable effects

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